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Convertible tops by EUROTOP

As the first manufacturer worldwide, we introduced computer-controlled convertible roof cutting in the 1980s. Although some cutting units have more favourable prices, they do not have the necessary automatic design lines for the seams or positions for disc, strips or assembly points. If these lines have to be drawn by hand, a considerable margin of error enters the equation, and a perfect fit can by no means be guaranteed.

Mounting of your soft top in our trim shop

As well as the industrial manufacturing of canopies, the same building houses our in-house auto upholstery workshop. On account of our long-standing experience we are very familiar with nearly all convertibles and their canopies. We advise against self-assembly. An incorrect assembly can lead to creasing, leaking and wind noises, even with a perfect roof.

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Our more than 30-year history not only makes us one of the oldest convertible soft top experts, but also means that we have a long tradition and extensive experience as a convertible soft top manufacturer.
We also produce a lot of vintage and classic car convertible soft tops under our own direction at our headquarters close to Stuttgart – birthplace and one of the hubs of the automotive industry.

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