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Looking for a new Fiat Punto convertible hood?

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Find all the details about the available materials and accessories for the Fiat Punto (model year 93-03) convertible top below.

If you have any further questions about the Fiat Punto convertible roof, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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  1. Fiat Punto cabrio hood made of Sonnenland material
  2. PVC hood as an alternative for the Fiat Punto convertible hood
  3. Fiat Punto rear window in original thickness
  4. Special features of the Fiat Punto
  5. Accessories for the Fiat Punto convertible
  6. Installation of the cabrio hood for the Fiat Punto

Fiat Punto cabrio hood made of Sonnenland material

We use what we consider to be the highest quality material on the market to manufacture the convertible top for the Fiat Punto cabriolet: Sonnenland hood fabric.

Sonnenland canvas is specially developed for convertible roofs and consists of three layers. We use the “Sonnenland Classic” version for the Fiat hood.

The outer material here is made of synthetic material and the inner material is made of cotton. Sandwiched in the middle is a layer of rubber, which ensures that no water can penetrate the material. This means that the hood material is 100% waterproof.

The hood is available in black, blue, brown, light beige, dark beige and red.

PVC hood as an alternative for the Fiat Punto convertible hood

We can also make the Fiat Punto hood from PVC/vinyl, as well as from Sonnenland canvas.

The requirements for PVC material have increased significantly in recent years, and the quality has suffered as a result. Many of the previously approved plasticizers are now banned. As a result, the material is less durable than the Sonnenland fabric.

Our recommendation has been the fabric soft top for many years. This applies to all convertibles.

Fiat Punto rear window in original thickness

Our Punto hood is made with a PVC light green tinted window with a thickness of 1 mm. The original Fiat convertible was also manufactured in this version.

If you would like a clear rear window for your Punto convertible, please contact us.

Our convertible roofs come with a window protector on both sides (inside and outside). It provides additional protection during installation and transport. This requires considerable extra work, as this protection is attached using a needle and thread. This is of course part of our quality promise.

Most of the time there is no protection for the PVC pane or there is only a thin layer of fleece that is secured with adhesive tape. Adhesive tape usually causes residue on the soft top material and often detaches during transport.

Special features of the Fiat Punto

Our Fiat Punto convertible top is made like the original Fiat hood.

Part of the original headliner material is incorporated inside around the rear window so this will match the existing headliner if you decide not to replace it. The rear tensioning cable is already incorporated into the Punto soft top and is included in the price. The hooks for the Punto's cover are already attached to the hood.

Installation is just as easy as with the original Fiat soft top.

Accessories for the Fiat Punto convertible

Hood cover for the Fiat Punto

The convertible’s hood cover is stretched over the open hood to protect it.

It does not collect dirt while driving, the headliner doesn’t fade and even at higher speeds the convertible top fabric doesn’t flutter in the wind.

We offer the convertible hood cover in synthetic leather or Sonnenland canvas for your Fiat Punto. This is available in many different colors.

Installation of the cabrio hood for the Fiat Punto

If you would like us to install your Fiat convertible top please contact us. We do not only produce convertible tops, but also offer installation services in our in-house trim shop.

We always keep your convertible in a protected hall and we offer a replacement vehicle free of charge for the time that your convertible is with us.

If the distance is too far for you or if we do not have a convenient date for your Fiat Punto Cabrio, we will be happy to arrange another trim shop for you.

As we supply our convertible tops to specialized companies all over the world, we can certainly recommend a company in your area that will fit the convertible top professionally for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone, e-mail, chat or WhatsApp.

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