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Looking for an Audi 80 convertible roof?

You have come to the right place at EUROTOP. We have been specializing in the production of convertible roofs since 1985 and offer not only the convertible roof for the Audi 80 (model series/type B4), but also the necessary accessories.

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  1. Features of the Audi 80 convertible roof
    1. Convertible-roof material: Sonnenland
    2. Rear window in the Audi 80
    3. Tensioning strap for the Audi 80 convertible
    4. Headliner for the Audi 80 convertible
  2. Installation of the Audi convertible roof

Features of the Audi 80 convertible roof

Convertible-roof material: Sonnenland

For the Audi 80 convertible roof, we only use the original material that was also used by Audi.

For the Audi 80 convertible, we therefore use the Sonnenland A5 material.

Since the Sonnenland material also has different properties, such as elasticity or thickness, we recommend that you do not use any Sonnenland acoustic material or Sonnenland classic material.

The acoustic material is significantly thicker and this can cause more abrasion from the vibrations when the convertible hood is in the convertible-hood compartment.

The classic material, on the other hand, is significantly softer than Sonnenland A5 and can lose too much tension after a while with this convertible.

The Sonnenland material has a rubber layer that ensures that water does not enter the car.

Waterproofing is therefore not necessary.

Cleaners and waterproofing agents can make the material a bit stiff after a few years.

However, if the vehicle is often parked outside, a waterproofing layer can make sense, especially for colored hoods. It ensures that rainwater rolls off the convertible hood and does not settle in the convertible-hood material.

We offer the convertible hood for the Audi 80 convertible in the colors black, blue, indigo, brown, black-green, graffiti gray, cream, red and pink.

Rear window in the Audi 80

In case of improper care, you can see that the rear window of the Audi convertible yellows a little faster.

Incidentally, we have a suitable window polish in our range of products for this purpose.

This wear is also due to the fact that the window on the Audi 80 convertible is much flatter than on other convertibles.

The rear window of the original Audi convertible roof is equipped with a zipper so that it can be changed separately.

For our Audi 80 convertible roof, we use original window material in 1 mm thickness, which was also used in the original by Audi.

In contrast to the original hood, the convertible rear window is firmly sewn into our hood.

We do not offer to replace the window because the Audi replaceable windows cost more than half the price of a new convertible roof.

In addition, a special Audi clamping frame is required for the replacement, which heats the adhesive on the zipper in such a way that no water can penetrate in the future.

The zipper on the convertible roof also distorts after a few years. The replaceable windows therefore cannot be retracted easily.

You should also note that it is not always easy to see the condition of a convertible top from the outside.

The fabric can still look reasonably good from the outside. However, cracks may already have formed in the rubber layer.

These cracks then allow moisture to enter that you cannot see from the inside because the headliner is covering the spots.

So, if the window has already seen its best days, this is usually accompanied by signs of wear and tear on the fabric of the convertible top.

Tensioning strap for the Audi 80 convertible

The problem areas of the Audi 80 convertible roof are on the left and right above the side windows.

Here, opening and closing often lead to formation of kinks.

But the convertible top or the installer is not responsible for this.

The convertible top is pinched during the folding process and this is usually due to worn-out tensioning straps.

Especially with the electric convertible top of the Audi 80 convertible, the owner does not notice if the fabric is trapped.

In a manual convertible top, it is possible, but here too you should make sure that the tensioning straps are intact.

Important: It is no longer possible to change the straps on the Audi without removing the convertible roof again.

Headliner for the Audi 80 convertible

The headliner of the Audi 80 is made of a material that is visually indistinguishable from the original Audi material.

The original Audi material is no longer produced.

Originally the headliner was produced in a very elastic Sonnenland base fabric.

We use the normal lining fabric, which is a little less stretchy.

We have optimized the trim of the headliner for this material.

A distinction must be made here between two models.

The headliner for the manual support rods and for the electric support rods of the Audi 80.

The headliner for this convertible is available in black, beige and gray.

To make our Audi convertible headliner economically viable, we have sewn on bow straps (fabric straps) that are glued around the old support tubes.

This means the old tubes of the convertible can be reused.

If the strips are broken, you can also purchase a connecting-strip set from us.

Installation of the Audi convertible roof

We advise you not to replace the Audi 80 convertible roof on this car yourself.

There are convertibles where this is a little easier, but a trim shop is the right place for this.

We also have a trim shop in our premises, where we offer installation for all types of convertibles.

While we keep your vehicle, you will also receive a courtesy car for the time being.

If an appointment with us is not possible or you need to travel too far for your convertible, that is not a problem.

Thanks to our large network and trim-shop customers worldwide, in most cases we can recommend a company near you that will take care of your convertible.

Browse through the trim-shop map on our website or contact us directly.

We will definitely find a suitable solution for your convertible.

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