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Are you looking for a Smart convertible top?

EUROTOP supplies hoods for most of the Smart cabrios. If you cannot find the right top for your convertible, please contact us. We also supply other products that are not available in our online shop.

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  1. Smart tops made of original Sonnenland fabric
  2. All available Smart tops
  3. Installation of the hoods

Smart tops made of original Sonnenland fabric

For a Smart cabriolet hood, we use only Sonnenland canvas. The topping material has a three-ply structure and we believe it is the highest quality hood material on the market.

The top layer of the hood is made of synthetic material. The rubber layer below this provides the material with the required strength and ensures that water does not penetrate the topping fabric. A waterproofing agent is therefore not absolutely necessary.

The bottom layer is also made of synthetic material. We produce all Smart hoods using the appropriate materials, whether it’s the Smart ForTwo cabriolet 450 or the Smart ForTwo 451.

Whether waterproofing is required or not for the convertible top depends on various factors. The material itself is 100% waterproof. However, in cases where the Smart ForTwo cabriolet is frequently parked outside, you should consider waterproofing. This ensures that dirty rainwater runs off the fabric and prevents it from collecting in the individual fibers.

Besides black, you can choose from many different colors. The prices vary depending on the color.

All available Smart tops

The Smart ForTwo 450 cabriolet hood and the top for the subsequent Smart 451 are available in our online shop.

Both tops for these convertibles consist of two parts. So, if you consider the price for the complete hood to be too high and only the rear window pane is defective, for example, you can simply replace the Smart rear section. Having the pane itself repaired makes little financial sense if you can simply replace the rear section on the Smart.

For the Smart 450, we also stock the original Smart convertible top at a reduced price.

Installation of the hoods

In our in-house trim shop we install convertible roofs on all types of cabriolets, including the Smart, on a daily basis.

Please ask us about a price for the installation for your car. For the duration of the installation, we can provide you with a replacement vehicle free of charge.

If we can't find a suitable date for your convertible, we have another solution.

We supply our convertible roofs to trim shops, specialist companies and car dealers around the world. This means that we can recommend an installation partner for any make of convertible. We’d like to hear from you.

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