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Are you looking for a Smart 450 convertible roof (ForTwo - model year 2000-2006)?

We supply the front and rear sections for the Smart ForTwo at a competitive price.

For more information on the Smart convertible hood, see below.

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Smart 450 convertible hood made of Sonnenland material

We make the hood for the Smart ForTwo using the same original Sonnenland A5 materials. This roof material was originally used by the MCC Smart and, in our opinion, it is the best possible material for cabriolet hoods.

The Sonnenland fabric top consists of three layers of which the top and bottom layers are synthetic. The middle layer is made of rubber which means that water cannot penetrate the roof.

It is not necessary to treat Sonnenland fabric with waterproofing agents. However, if your Smart ForTwo 450 convertible is outside for long periods of time, it may make sense to use a waterproofing agent. This prevents the rain, which quickly becomes dirty, from penetrating the fabric of the Smart ForTwo 450 hood and the water droplets simply run off.

The Sonnenland soft-top fabric is available for the Smart cabriolet in the following colors: black, blue, brown, dark green, graffiti gray, cream, indigo, pink and red. Ask us about free samples.

Front and rear section of the Smart ForTwo 450 cabrio hood

The Smart convertible is fitted with a two-part roof. The rear part with the rear window can be replaced separately from the front roof. This greatly simplifies repairs of a convertible hood.

If the PVC window is defective in this case, it is much easier to repair than many other convertibles since only the rear section needs to be replaced (depending on the condition of the front section).

Front section of Smart Fortwo convertible

The front hood is already stitched so that no further stitching is required.

The plastic parts must be taken from the old roof of the Smart.

The original hood of the Smart is manufactured using a thinner hood fabric. We use the significantly more durable Sonnenland original material for your vehicle.

Alternatively, we supply the slightly more expensive original hood from Smart, in which all the plastic parts have already been fitted. In this case, you don't need to use any parts from your old convertible roof.

Rear section of Smart ForTwo convertible

The rear window section of the cabrio is already stitched so that no further stitching is required.

The plastic parts need not be taken from the old roof of the Smart. These are simply plug-in parts.

The plastic reinforcement, which is stitched to the hood, has tailored air vents.

The original window section from Smart is manufactured using a thinner hood material. We manufacture it using the much more durable original Sonnenland material.

As an alternative, we supply the Smart ForTwo original hood at a very competitive price.

Installing the Smart ForTwo 450 cabrio hood

In addition to our production building, we also have our upholstery workshop where we can install the hood.

Why not contact us and we will let you know the price for installation of the cabriolet hood and the available dates for your car.

For the period that your vehicle is in our workshop for the installation, we offer you a replacement vehicle free of charge.

If we can't find a suitable date for your convertible, that is not a problem. Since we supply our soft-tops to upholstery workshops and specialist companies worldwide, we will be happy to recommend an upholsterer near you, who will install the top on your Smart ForTwo 450 convertible.

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