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Mazda Motor Corporation has a long history, but it was a long way from Toyo Cork Kogyo, founded in 1920, to the car manufacturer Mazda we know today.

It was not until almost 40 years after the company was founded that it developed a focus on building passenger cars. In 1960, the time had come: the coupe with the name R360 was made available to the public. The small vehicle could certainly compete with the Subaru and even had an optional automatic transmission, which was extremely unusual in the small car class. However, the vehicle was not available with a convertible roof, which is why the brand only became really interesting for convertible fans starting in 1988.

The sports car first produced in 1978 - Mazda RX7

The vehicle quickly became a success and molted into a serious rival to the equally popular Porsche 924. Ten years after the start of production, a convertible version was also added to the product range.

An absolutely solid convertible with a streamlined design that zips along the roads smoothly thanks to the Wankel engine. Our RX7 roof is designed for the original glass window, as this is reused, along with the rod assembly and headliner.

The convertible roof is available both as a soft top (Sonnenland) and as a PVC roof in various colors.

Mazda 121 Convertible

In the same year as the RX7 convertible, another convertible was launched under the name Mazda 121. The 121 may not be quite as sporty and may not give you the feeling of driving a convertible, but thanks to the folding roof, fresh air is always guaranteed.

The folding roof is available in both fabric (black, blue, brown and various special colors) and PVC (black, white & beige).

The Mazda MX 5 NA Roadster was launched in 1989

The car had between 90 and 131 hp, depending on the engine.

In the USA, the convertible was marketed under the name Mazda Miata, which means "reward". In Japan, the vehicle bore the simple name of Mazda Roadster.

Originally, a production of a few thousand vehicles was planned, but the MX 5 had a meteoric rise, and by the end of 1990, the planned production figures had been exceeded by almost fifteen times. With over one million sales between 1989 and 2016, the MX 5 became the world's best-selling vehicle in the roadster category.

Japanese cars like the tag "reliable", and this is also true of the MX 5 NA, where quality is paramount.

Mazda MX 5 NA Roof

As with the original, the Mazda MX 5 NA roof by EUROTOP also includes a zipper around the PVC window, which has the advantage of allowing more fresh air in, even when the roof is closed.

An enhanced detail of our MX 5 NA convertible roof is the fabric rain strips, which are sewn in above the side windows to prevent water from dripping into the vehicle interior when the doors are opened. The rain strips can also be omitted, if desired.

The roof can also be ordered with a glass window if desired, as the convertible top of the successor, MX 5 NB, can be used for this purpose. This includes a glass rear window as standard.

The rod assemblies of the two models are identical. When fitting the MX5 NA, only two additional tensioning straps are required, which we supply free of charge. On the MX 5 NA Roof with glass window upgrade, as with the MX 5 NB, there is no zipper around the window. 

The successor - Mazda MX 5 NB

The Mazda MX 5 NB came onto the market just under 10 years after its predecessor and brought with it numerous changes; several of which were purely of a visual nature.

The NA's iconic flip-up headlights gave way to fixed headlights and the design of the fenders, bumpers and doors also changed. The company pulled out all stops on performance, so that the NB is faster than its predecessor.

The MX 5 NB Roof is available as a soft top (in black, blue, brown and various special colors) and PVC roof (in black, white and beige).

Another 10 years later, the MX 5 NC stepped into the light of day

The last Mazda MX 5 NB came off the production line in 2005 and virtually gave the successor MX 5 NC a run for its money, as the NC was available right from the 2005 model year.

Like the MX 5 NB, the NC also has a glass rear window. As with its predecessors, the window is already incorporated into the roof, so there is no need to install the glass window during assembly.

The material of the MX 5 NC Roof differs from its predecessors, as the Stayfast fabric is used here. Stayfast is a US fabric used as original equipment on many US convertible models. Alternatively, PVC is also available as the roof material.

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