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Are you looking for an Opel hood for your Cabrio?

We offer cabrio hoods for most available Opel models. If you cannot find your variant in the range we offer, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Find out more about our hoods below.

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1976-1978: The Aero Kadett

The Aero Kadett is not fully convertible, but has a Targa hood and therefore requires several components in case you wish to completely refurbish the hood.

At first, the Targa hood needs to be re-tightened. Either the high quality Sonnenland fabric or a cheaper PVC-Material is used for this. In the Sonnenland fabric variant, we use a rubberised outer fabric, which is similar to what is done in the original. Both materials are available in the standard colour black, as well as various custom colours.

The next step is to replace the Aero Kadett soft top, which can also be fabricated from Sonnenland or PVC. Both variants of the top have a 1mm thick, flexible, sewn-on polyglass rear window with TÜV stamp. A large selection of colours for the convertible roof is available.

When the Aero Kadett is open, a dust cover can also be used to protect the roof, which also prevents the wind from pulling out the hood.

The dust covers are made either of imitation leather or Sonnenland fabric and are available in numerous colours.

1987-1993: Opel Kadett E

The Opel Kadett E hood is made of Sonnenland fabric or PVC and is available in different colours.

Apart from the choice of material and colour, it should be noted that this cabrio hood can be manufactured with either 5 or 6 loops. The loops are used to attach the dust cover, which is why the number of loops on the hood must match the fasteners on the dust cover.

The dust cover protects the cabrio hood and the headliner from dust, sun’s radiation and wind blast. The headliner covers the links from inside and gives the interior of the vehicle a stylish look. The headliner is made of artificial leather and is grey in colour.

In addition, EUROTOP also offers padding made from coated foam, which can be fitted between the hood and the headliner. It has insulating and shaping properties. A special feature are the side pads, which are attached to the right and left of the windscreen at the back - you can also order them from us.

1983-1988: Ascona Hammond + Thiede & Keinath

Even if these models look similar, they are different models that have to be handled differently during assembly, which is why we offer different hoods for them. For example, there is a variant of the Ascona Hammond + Thiede soft top with a Velcro strip attached to the C-pillar at the bottom of the roof and a Velcro strip on the body, or vice versa. Before going into production, please let us know which variant of the hood does the car have, so that the corresponding counterpart can be made when sewing. The soft tops of all model variants are made of the Sonnenland fabric and are available in numerous custom colours in addition to black. 

1993-1999: Astra F Cabrio

Convertible tops are available from EUROTOP for the Astra F Cabrio in the material variants Sonnenland fabric or PVC – both in different colours. The rear window made of glass, which is used in this Opel model, is framed in a rear window frame and not glued directly to the soft top, which is why this design is more robust than some window solutions in other convertibles. The pane and the frame will be reused.

In addition to the hood, you also get headliner and pads. However, it should be noted here that the headliner made of artificial leather does not reach under the glass rear window, which is why a piece of headlining material is sewn onto the pads. In addition, when ordering the headliner, the build year must also be specified.

2013-2019: Opel Cascada

The Cascada hood is made of the high-quality Sonnenland A5 material. This material is particularly robust, waterproof and highly lightfast. It is used in the automotive industry by various manufacturers for numerous brands as original equipment. The above-mentioned properties mean that hoods made of this material are longer lasting. The roof is available in black, blue, brown and red.

If you still have a question while searching for a cabrio hood top or a spare part, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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