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Features of the Opel Astra F cabriolet hood

The Astra F convertible top is available in fabric or PVC options. Both materials are suitable for the Opel Astra convertible. However, we recommend using the fabric cabriolet hood since this material is longer lasting.

We use Sonnenland A5 canvas for our Opel Astra F soft tops as it boasts high rigidity and returns to shape well, making it ideal for a vehicle frame. As with all Sonnenland canvases, Sonnenland A5 is fully fade and water resistant, meaning no further treatment is necessary. For customers who would like to treat their roofs, though, you can order the treatment recommended by the manufacturer of the hood material from us. We want to ensure that our customers always use suitable treatments for their Opel Astra convertible roofs so we only stock the recommended product.

On request, the Opel hood can alternatively be made from PVC. The PVC convertible top is somewhat cheaper and easier to clean from surface dirt than its fabric counterpart, yet the advantages of the Sonnenland canvas hood outweigh the disadvantages. 

With both materials, we reuse the glass rear window and window seals

As well as the convertible roof, we can also provide the headliner for this Opel convertible. The headliner on this model of Astra is made from grey synthetic leather and, unusually, does not extend below the rear windscreen. A further section of headliner is therefore sewn onto the padding. This unique design has to be taken into account when replacing the headliner. 

Find all the essentials for your Opel Astra F convertible (1993–99 models) at EUROTOP. If you would like to replace your roof, headliner and/or padding, or if you simply have questions about this car or any other convertible, you can contact us at any time. 

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