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The history of Audi convertible tops

Founded in 1909 by August Horch, Audi was already synonymous with technologically advanced and exclusive cars for individualists in the 1930s.

After the Second World War, however, things went quiet for Audi cabriolets for a long time. The company only really came into its own in 1991 with the unveiling of its new model - and what a model it was! The Quattro Spyder was a real showstopper at the 1991 IAA, putting Audi back on the map and paving the way for the Audi 80 and subsequent models.

Ingenuity and innovative ideas such as the procon-ten safety system, which, among other things, pulled the pedals and steering wheel forward by means of steel cables and tightened the seat belts in the event of a frontal collision, were a seamless continuation of the sophisticated concepts of Audi's founding years.

The origin of convertibles: Audi 80 

In mid-1991, the Audi 80 cabriolet hit the streets, though in some circles it was considered a faux pas to call the car by that name. Certain experts only referred to the car as a cabriolet and looked down upon people who did otherwise. However, we aren’t so strict. Whatever you call your convertible is your choice, just always remember that we have the right soft top for your vehicle.

The Audi 80 soft top is made of Sonnenland A5 just like the original, and is available in black and various other colors. This way, you are sure to find the right soft top for your convertible. 

Made in the mid-90s: Audi TT 8N/8J

The Audi TT 8N was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in the mid-1990s and went into series production in 1998. The vehicle offers purists a distinctly sporty driving experience that can hold its own against contemporary convertibles.

At EUROTOP we offer both the original soft top and the replica soft top for the TT 8N. Audi TT soft tops differ mainly in the way the rear windshield is attached. The soft tops of both versions are semi-automatic and made of the high-quality and robust Sonnenland A5 fabric.

The successor model Audi TT 8J followed in 2007 and brought with it numerous innovations. For example, soft tops for the 8J were available as fully automatic versions for added convenience. In addition, a new material combination of aluminum and steel was used to achieve greater stability and to save weight.

In addition, the new and adaptive magnetic ride damping system could be selected for the 8J. This system ensures that the shock absorbers are optimally aligned depending on the road surface and driving style. Thus, the TT 8J continued the basic idea of the 8N and ensured that TT enthusiasts could continue to rely on sophisticated technology.

In the early 2000s, the Audi A4 made quite a splash 

Shortly after the first A4 convertibles rolled off the lot at Karmann in 2002, it became clear that this model was exceptional, even for convertible enthusiasts with the highest demands.

As is typical for Audi, the A4’s introduction once again delivered on both technical ingenuity and innovation. The continuously variable Multitronic automatic transmission improved on what already existed, and adding a diesel engine to the product range was by no means conventional for the time.

From 2004, the A4 was also available with a TFSI engine, which provided higher torque and lower fuel consumption. To increase the trunk volume, a movable soft top box was designed that could be folded up when the top was closed, adding nearly 70 liters of storage space. Whether it was the Multitronic automatic transmission, the TFSI engine or the movable soft top, the A4 boasted numerous innovations that, coupled with its outstanding design, propelled it to the top of the rankings for four-seater convertibles.

The Audi A4 soft top was available ex works in the colors black, blue and red.

At EUROTOP we additionally offer the soft top in the colors brown and jive.

The Audi A3 offers no less than five engine types 

The Audi A3 cabriolet was introduced in mid-2008. A rather complex soft top with many intricate details still challenges upholsterers during assembly, but its coupe-like sportiness and elegance give drivers a great deal of driving pleasure.

Thanks to high-strength steels and various reinforcing measures, A3 drivers can feel safe even at higher speeds. Whether they drive with the soft top open or closed. 

Audi A5 in an attractive new design

When the A5 was launched in 2009, Audi once again emphatically proved that they are not only champions of engineering, but design experts as well.

The critics agreed: Elegance was the motto. This technologically sophisticated convertible was not just fast, but also expertly designed. Its perfect proportions and subtle design elements give the Audi A5 a modern look that is a real eye-catcher both with the soft top open and closed.

Fun fact: Unlike its predecessor, the A5's soft top was not manufactured by Karmann, but by Magna Car Top Systems. The fabric soft top produced there is definitely more complicated than that of the Audi A4, both in terms of production and assembly. This is why the price for the soft top is also noticeably higher. 

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