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Are you looking for a Ford hood for your convertible?

We offer convertible hoods for most available models. Feel free to ask us if you’re unable to find your convertible in the selection.

You can find more information on our Ford hoods below.

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  1. Ford hood in Sonnenland fabric
  2. Ford PVC vinyl hood
  3. Convertible tops for all Ford models
  4. Installation of the Ford convertible roof

Ford hood in Sonnenland fabric

We believe that the highest quality soft top material is Sonnenland. It is also the most widely used soft top fabric.

The special Sonnenland fabric consists of three layers.

The top layer is made of synthetic fabric, the bottom layer of cotton or synthetic, and the middle layer is made of rubber. Rubber is watertight and therefore the canopy material is 100% waterproof.

A waterproofing agent is therefore not required for our hoods.

However, if your convertible is left outside frequently, it might be a good idea to waterproof it anyway. This will help the dirty rainwater to roll off and not get stuck in the fibers of the hood fabric.

The fabric is available in many other colors as well as black.

Ford PVC vinyl hood

PVC or vinyl material was available as an original hood for most Ford convertibles.

Reproduced black material in the original look is also still available for the Ford Escort. That said, we still recommend the convertible top in Sonnenland canvas.

The quality of the PVC material has decreased considerably in the last few years, as many of the plasticizers used in the past are no longer allowed. As a result, the material is now harder and becomes brittle and cracked faster.

So you should carefully consider whether the original look of your Ford Escort cabrio hood or a Ford Mustang hood is that important to you.

Convertible tops for all Ford models

As well as the Escort cabriolet hoods, we also offer Mustang hoods for all model years. You can also find hoods for the Ford Mercury and the Ford Streetka.

If you have a different convertible, please contact us.

We can also provide the necessary accessories such as tensioning cables or headliners.

Installation of the Ford convertible roof

As well as producing hoods, we also have our own trim shop. We can gladly provide you with a quote for the installation of your convertible roof.

We can also provide you with a replacement vehicle free of charge while your convertible is with us for installation.

If the journey is too far for you or if we cannot offer you a suitable date, we have another solution. As we supply our convertible tops to specialized companies worldwide, we can also provide you with the names of installation companies in your area. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail.

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