EUROTOP Convertible tops

high quality for your convertible

We inspire convertible car drivers ...

... of both classic cars and newer models.

We specialise in the production of high-quality soft tops and have been a premium supplier of first-rate convertible hoods and tops, in particular for vintage and classic cars, as well as automobile trim shops, for over 30 years.

EUROTOP knows your passion and believes that the right convertible top makes a decisive contribution to the driving experience - even into the future. A EUROTOP soft top is therefore much more than a product and we are more than just a company. How do we do that concretely? With what has characterized EUROTOP for more than 30 years: best quality, customer-oriented solutions, individual advice and first-class service. Implemented daily by our experienced employees who do their best to ensure that our customers get the best.

"Quality remains – long after the price has been forgotten."

(Gottlieb Daimler)

"I feel it’s my duty, as well as my passion, to manage our company as its second generation owner. High-performing companies that consistently offer high-quality products will always be in demand."

(Philipp Härtel)

We firmly believe that high quality convertible tops make it possible...

... to enjoy a carefree feeling of freedom in wind and weather, to make the convertible enthusiast happy in the long term, and to make driving a convertible a pleasure. As a German company, we take high quality for granted. This requires consistently high quality materials such as Sonnenland fabric, experienced, skilled and dedicated employees as well as careful production processes.