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How to get stains out of convertible top

Do you have stains on your convertible top? What to do ✓ How to prevent stains ✓ Get pointers from the professionals

Convertibles and car washes - what to watch out for

Can your convertible go through the car wash? ✓ Is hand washing better? ✓ How to protect your cabriolet hood ✓ What to watch out for

Using protectants on cabriolet hoods - what to watch out for

What are protectants for on cabriolet hoods? ✓ Should you use a protectant on a cabriolet hood? ✓ What to watch out for

How to protect convertible soft top in winter

Looking for tips on how to protect your convertible soft top during the winter? Eurotop has you covered!

How to remove tree sap from car

Don't let tree sap ruin your car's paint job! Eurotop has the solution to remove sap quickly and easily, so your car can look good as new.

BMW Z3 buyers guide: a roadster with scarcity value

The BMW Z3 buyers guide lists all different model in this iconic range, their current values and the typical problems each is prone to so that buyers can watch out for them.

Advice on buying a Golf 1 Cabrio: What is important for the classic?

What to look out for when buying a Golf 1 Cabriolet? ✓ Price development ✓ Interior ✓ Weak points ✓ Maintenance

Why is the PVC-rear window of my convertible top becoming opaque or dull?

Have you noticed that the PVC-rear window of your convertible is slowly turning more and more yellow, dull or opaque after some years?
- We at EUROTOP have the solution!

Does your rear window glass come off your convertible top?

Tired of reattaching your convertible's rear window? EUROTOP has the ✓ lasting solution ✓ Say goodbye to frequent repairs. Click to explore!
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