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The story behind Renault convertibles 

The manufacturer Renault can look back on a long history. Founded in 1899 as Société Renault Frères by the Renault brothers, the company already had 100 employees. Just six years later, they had their big breakthrough when a taxi company ordered 250 vehicles. This was followed by a focus on commercial vehicles, which were very popular due to their high quality.

In less than fifteen years after its founding, the ten thousandth vehicle was manufactured, which was unique in Europe at the time. So it was a longer path until Renault started to produce convertibles and the brand became interesting for roof manufacturers.

The first Renault convertible - Floride/Caravelle

The first Renault convertible that most people might be familiar with was the Floride/Caravelle convertible (1958-1968 model years), which was first marketed in America as the Floride and only came to Europe a few years later under the name Caravelle.

The model was less of a sports car and more of a casual zeitgeist convertible, so it was no surprise that the icon of the time, Brigitte Bardot, was enlisted to skillfully promote the convertible.

A new generation - the R19 Convertible

The Renault 19 Convertible, manufactured by the Karmann company from 1991 onwards, did not need Brigitte Bardot to generate good sales for its sellers. The R19 was one of the few convertibles of its time without a roll bar, which was well received by many. With the roof open, the roll bar-free R19 thus provides all the more convertible feeling compared to the Golf 1 convertible.

Right from the start, the vehicle was available in two engine versions: with 90 hp and the top-engined version with 135 hp - so unrestrained driving enjoyment was guaranteed.

Renault roofs made from first class material 

The R19 roof available from EUROTOP is made in the high-quality Sonnenland fabric and is available not only in black but also in various special colors for the 1992-1996 model years.

The rear window is made of PVC and is clear like the original. If a green tint is desired for the rear windows, this can also be arranged on request.

Roof for the Renault Megane convertible

The next big step in Renault's convertible history came in 1997 when the Renault Megane convertible rolled onto the streets for the first time. The style and design of the Renault Megane was no revolution compared to its predecessor, but rather an evolution towards a kind of R19 2.0.

In comparison, the Renault Megane convertible offered more safety and was sportier. The attractive and clever design keeps the driver and passenger well protected from the wind, so much so that a wind deflector is not even necessary.

Before the Renault Megane was produced with a hardtop from 2004, it was the golden age for convertible fans with a roof made of fabric until then. The fabric convertible roof is not without its pitfalls and the utmost care must be taken during installation. The Renault Megane roof is fitted with plastic fasteners which are essential to ensure a correct fit. If these plastic elements are damaged, the seller advises a roof with new plastic parts for good reason.

The convertible roof of the Renault Megane is made of Sonnenland fabric and is available in various special colors in addition to the color black. As with its predecessor, all versions of the Renault Megane have a rear window made of PVC material, which is provided by the manufacturer originally without tinting. EUROTOP can also produce the rear window with a green tint on request.

Convertible roof with sunroof - Twingo

Another Renault classic on German roads is the Twingo, and for this, EUROTOP produces the roof in fabric for the model years 1993-2007. For the Twingo roof, you can choose between the materials Sonnenland and PVC. We usually recommend using Sonnenland as the material for any convertible roof, but with a sunroof you can safely choose PVC, as there is less risk of wear and tear than with a Renault Megane top, for example.

In addition to the roofs, various additional items are available for the Renault 19 and Renault Megane models. The interior headliners are available in various designs and tensioning cables and roof pads can be ordered for installation. 

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