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Are you looking for a new Renault Megane roof for your convertible?

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Renault Megane roof features

The Renault Megane's convertible roof is electric, but has a latch at the front that must be manually unlocked before you can open the top electrically. Despite manual unlocking, opening is quick and easy in any case.

The canopy itself is made of the high-quality and robust Sonnenland A5 fabric, which has been on the market since the early 90s and is known for its very good recovery properties and low stretch.

Other Sonnenland fabrics are also available, but this thicker and stiffer material is recommended for the rod assembly of the Megane convertible. The Sonnenland A5 fabric is not only robust, but also highly light-fast and absolutely waterproof, so that many problems do not occur with this material, which can occur through the use of inferior quality materials.

If a roof of inadequate quality has been used when fitting the Renault Megane, difficulties may well arise, which will affect its longevity. Some owners of a Megane convertible try to counteract these problems by using waterproofing agents, but this is not necessary at all as long as the right material is used for the roof. 

This is the information you should consider before buying

For the Renault Megane convertible roof, it is important to note that fasteners or profile parts are required which are sewn to the top. These plastic parts are essential for installation. They can be taken over from the old canopy and sewn into the new one. For this step we need the old fabric roof in advance. If these fastening parts are no longer intact, a new roof with new plastic parts is required, which we also have in our range.

In addition to the standard color black, numerous special colors are available for the Megane roof from EUROTOP. So with such a variety of colors, you can also enjoy the Renault roof without opening it. 

Original PVC material is used for the rear window. The thickness of the rear window is 1 mm and comes with a TÜV stamp. As with the original, a clear window is sewn in, but a window with a green tint can also be used on your Renault Megane, if desired. 

Suitable accessories for the Renault Megane convertible roof (MY 1997-2004)


The Megane's convertible roof also includes a headliner that covers the underside of the roof and the rod assembly. The interior headliner is made of headliner leatherette, is ready to install and available in white, black, beige and gray. 


At EUROTOP, in addition to the convertible roof and the corresponding headliner, you can also get the padding, which acts as an intermediate layer between the roof and the headliner. This intermediate padding consists of encased foam, which is insulated and helps shape the convertible roof

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