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Are you looking for a hood for your Mini Cabrio? Whichever model you have, we offer high-quality fabric and PVC hoods in a variety of colours. Durable materials such as the Sonnenland fabric ensure that your hood will still look good for years to come. Furthermore, you will find matching wind deflectors for increased comfort. Experience our quality for yourself and order your new hood for your Mini Cabrio from EUROTOP today. More detailed information on the different models can be found further down this page.

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1984–2000: Mini Mk5 to Mk7

Two material variants are available for the Mini Mk5 to Mk7 sunroof: The sunroof cover can be made of either fabric or PVC. For the fabric variant, we use the high-quality Sonnenland fabric, which is also used by well-known car manufacturers for original equipment. This hood fabric is waterproof and highly lightfast straight from the factory, so the sunroof cover is highly durable and will look good for years to come. You can colour match the fabric cover to your vehicle, as other special colours are available in addition to the standard black. As an alternative to the fabric cover, the sunroof cover is also available in PVC. This material variant is not quite as durable as a fabric cover, but it is somewhat cheaper and quicker to clean in case of minor stains. The PVC cover is also available in different colours.

For the MK5 Hollandia model variant (from model year 2001), you can also get the matching sunroof cover from EUROTOP. This is made from the high-quality Sonnenland Classic and is available in various colours.

Suitable for the 1984–2000 model years, we offer you not only the sunroof cover, but also the matching interior headlining. This covers the underside of the sunroof from the inside and is made of high-quality leatherette. 

1990–1996: Mini Lamb conversion (with 3 rear windows)

The conversion cabriolet with the name “Lamb” is characterised by three striking rear windows, which are made of flexible polyglass and are firmly sewn to the hood. If you wish to have the rear windows tinted green, this is also possible. The hood itself is made of the high-quality Sonnenland Classic fabric and can be ordered in other special colours in addition to the standard black.

2004–2008: Mini Cooper (One, S) R52

We offer the fabric soft top for the Mini Cooper R52 in two versions: Original soft top and replica soft top. The hoods differ mainly in the design of the rear window. The original soft top version has a special window frame with a foam lining, which is not used for the replica soft tops. This style is quite expensive and requires a high production volume. However, both soft top variants are absolutely comparable in terms of quality and durability. The hood of the Mini R52 is available in several colours, both as a replica and as an original. Furthermore, you can also order the wind deflector in various colours for the Mini R52 from EUROTOP.

2009–2015: Mini Cooper R57

The Mini Cooper R57 convertible roof, which you can order from EUROTOP, is made of premium Sonnenland fabric and therefore offers a correspondingly high level of durability. The wind deflector from the previous model can also be used on the Mini R57 Cabrio, as it fits both models. The wind deflector can be customised in colour. 

2011–2015: Mini Cooper R59

The hoods for the Mini Cooper R59 model are made from robust Sonnenland A5 fabric. This material is mainly used for modern cabriolets and is therefore perfect for the Mini Cooper R59 Cabrio. Should you wish to increase comfort when the hood is open, we recommend that you order the wind deflector. The wind deflector is quick and easy to fit and ensures that there is less draught and the acoustics are improved.

2016–2021: Mini Cooper F57

Various colours are available for the soft top of the Mini Cooper F57 Cabrio. All colour variations are made from original Sonnenland hood fabrics, making the Mini F57 hoods very durable. EUROTOP offers two wind deflectors for this Mini Cabrio, which are identical in price and differ only in their shape. 

Explore the wide range of high-quality hoods for your Mini Cabrio at EUROTOP now! Whether for the Mini Mk5-Mk7, the Mini Cooper R57 or the Mini Cooper F57 – we offer hoods made of durable materials such as Sonnenland fabric or PVC in various colours. Matching wind deflectors for increased comfort are also available. If you cannot find your desired model in the range we offer, you can contact us at any time.

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