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Renault R19 Convertible Roof features

Just like the original, you get the Renault 19 convertible roof in fabric. For this purpose, EUROTOP uses the high-quality and highly light-fast Sonnenland fabric roof

The soft top is made of Sonnenland Classic material, which is very suitable for the rod assembly of this convertible. Sonnenland Classic consists of three layers, which have very different properties. The outermost layer is called the outer fabric and is made of Dralon fabric, a spun acrylic fiber. This layer gives the convertible top its highly light-fast quality. The intermediate layer consists of a synthetic rubber, which ensures waterproofing and makes waterproofing agents obsolete. The bottom layer, called the base fabric, is made of cotton.

In addition to the standard black color, the convertible roofs for the R19 model are also available in numerous special colors such as blue, brown, beige or red at extra cost, so that the owner can completely customize the outer skin for his Renault. 

Original PVC material is used on the rear window for the Renault R19. The R19 roof has a 1 mm thick PVC window incl. TÜV stamp, which is proof of a high quality standard. On the Renault 19 roof, the rear window is firmly sewn in with piping all the way round. The color is clear like the original, but can also be produced with a green tint on request.

To ensure that the PVC rear window remains undamaged during shipping, tissue paper is attached to the front and rear of the window by hand and fixed to the roof, thus protecting the window from scratches. This protection is easy to remove before installation. Some manufacturers stick a window protector on, which we do not do, as the risk of unnecessary adhesive residue is too high. 

Suitable accessories for the Renault R 19 convertible top (manufacture year 1991-1996)


The interior headliner covers the rod assembly from the inside, so that the interior of the convertible can be customized in the owner's desired colors. For the interior headliner, headliner leatherette is used, which is available in the colors beige, gray, black and white.


You can also purchase the matching intermediate padding for your Renault R19 at EUROTOP. The padding lies between the headliner and the roof and promotes insulation and serves to shape the roof. If you want to change the roof, it is often advisable to change the padding as well. For this reason, not only the convertible roof should be examined closely, but also the padding, as it is no longer possible to change the roof after it has been fitted. Repair is also difficult or impossible. 

Tensioning cables

The R19 convertible roof often also requires new tensioning cables, as these are necessary to correctly tension the top over the side windows. Occasionally, tensioning cables can also be reused, however, due to the low cost of the side tensioning cables, it makes sense not to save at this point during installation, but to change the cables on the right and left in addition to the convertible roof at the same time. If the cables are no longer intact, the driving noises are considerably louder, as the wind blows up under the roof.

If you have any questions about this roof or any other Renault roof, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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