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Are you looking for a new Audi A4 convertible top?

EUROTOP, the specialist for convertible tops, is the right place for you.

If you have any questions about the convertible top or other parts for the Audi A4 convertible, please contact us by e-mail, via the chat or simply by telephone.

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  1. The features and advantages of the Audi A4 convertible top
    1. Sonnenland fabric material
    2. Rear Window
    3. Headliner
    4. Convertible top details
  2. How do I fit the convertible top on my Audi A4 convertible?

The features and advantages of the Audi A4 convertible top

Sonnenland fabric material

The convertible top we offer for the Audi A4 (or also S4) is made from Sonnenland A5 fabric.

We strongly advise against installing convertible tops made of other materials for the Audi A4 convertible.

Audi also used this material for the original.

If the convertible top were made of the significantly thicker and stronger Sonnenland acoustic fabric (as in the Audi A5), there would be a risk that the convertible top would not lay down correctly in the convertible top compartment. This causes more rubbing and wrinkling due to the vibrations when driving.

We offer the Audi A4 convertible top in the colors black, blue, brown and red.

If you have a different color preference for your convertible, please let us know.

Of course, we can also send you free fabric samples so that you can see whether the color matches your convertible.

Rear Window

Not only with the Audi A4 convertible top, but also with many other convertible models, it is unfortunately very common for the rear window to become detached from the top fabric sooner or later.

Right away - a reliable repair of the glass pane is unfortunately not possible.

We have tried different adhesives for many years but unfortunately without success. Usually, these repair attempts only last a few weeks until the pane comes loose again in the same or another place.

There are always quotes for Audi A4 rear window repair, but you will rarely find someone who will also guarantee the work. The previously used adhesive usually makes it impossible to re-adhere to the problematic area.

The rear windows of the Audi A4 convertible tops we offer are, in contrast to the original Audi roof, not only glued, but attached with an integrated metal frame.

The frame is not visible from the outside of the convertible and ensures that the connection between the window and the fabric holds reliably in this convertible.

The convertible top cover comes with an integrated, heated rear window made of glass. It is compatible with the original headliner (plastic mounting parts).


The headliner in the Audi A4 & S4 convertible is very robust and replacement is only necessary if it is defective.

Due to the plastic parts used, we offer the original Audi part for your convertible at an attractive price.

The headliner is available in black, gray and beige.

Convertible top details

  • Improved tension distribution of the canopy around the windscreen.
  • All plastic profiles are sewn in the same design as the original.
  • The slider for the zip that connects the cushion to the canopy is included.
  • 100% water proof
  • no sewing work required

How do I fit the convertible top on my Audi A4 convertible?

If the journey is too far for you or your desired date is no longer available, please contact us anyway.

We supply our convertible tops to saddleries and restoration companies worldwide.

We will be happy to recommend a partner company in your area who can carry out the installation for your Audi A4 convertible.

Any questions about this product?

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