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Want to replace your Audi TT convertible hood? EUROTOP is the right contact!

As a specialist for convertibles, we offer convertible hoods for the Audi TT 8N (also as an original) and the Audi TT 8J.

Below you will find all the details about the options mentioned.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone, WhatsApp, web chat or contact form.

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  1. Convertible roof material for Audi TT
  2. Audi TT 8N convertible roof: Difference between the original convertible roof and the replica convertible roof
  3. Rear-window issue for the Audi TT
  4. Rain gutter of the Audi TT 
  5. Installing the Audi TT convertible roof

Different model series are available for Audi TT Roadsters:

Convertible hood material for Audi TT

Both Audi TT convertible hoods are made of original Sonnenland fabric.

The Sonnenland A5 used is a triple-layered material with a rubber layer in the middle. This middle layer makes the convertible hood 100% waterproof.

Waterproofing agents are not necessary and are only advisable if the vehicle is parked outside permanently.

For the TT 8N replica, the colors black, blue and green are available. The original from Audi is available only in black.

The newer model TT 8J comes in black, blue, jive, gray and red.

Please contact us for other color options for the TT Roadster. We will be happy to send a free color swatch for both Roadster convertible hoods.

Audi TT 8N convertible roof: Difference between the original convertible roof and the reproduction convertible roof 

We offer two models of convertible roof for the Audi TT 8N.

The main difference between these two tops can be seen on the rear window.

In the original Audi convertible roof, the rear window is glued and has an Audi logo in the glass.

The rear window of Audi TT 8N replica convertible roof is fitted with a frame.

We offer the original Audi convertible top at a very competitive price.

Rear-window issue for the Audi TT

One drawback of this convertible top is the rear window coming off in the original model.

This problem occurs not only with Audi convertible tops, but also with other manufacturers.

Some companies offer repair solutions—but mostly without a guarantee.

For many years, we have tried to find a reliable solution for gluing the rear window back into the soft top.

In the reconstructed convertible top that we offer for the Audi TT, the window is fitted with a frame. This frame is invisible from outside and prevents the window from coming off.

For customers who value originality, we recommend the Audi convertible roof.

Here, the window is also glued again. It usually lasts as long as your current convertible top.

In order not to unnecessarily strain the gluing of the rear window on the Audi, you should avoid car-washing lines if possible. The ingredients in the detergents can hasten the detachment.

Rain gutter of the Audi TT

The standard rain gutter, which on the Audi Roadster ensures that the water can drain off without any problems, often causes problems.

If the rain gutter is completely blocked after a while and without regular maintenance, there is a risk that water will enter the Audi control unit.

When installing the Audi Roadster convertible top, you should definitely check whether the rain gutter needs to be repaired.

We offer this service in our trim shop.

To avoid this problem, you should open the electric roof every now and then after driving and check and clear the drains.

Installing the Audi TT convertible roof

In our trim shop we also install the convertible roof for the Audi TT Roadster.

You can always book an appointment with us.

If you need to travel too far for your convertible, we will find a solution for that too.

Because of our global network and our trim-shop customers, in many cases we can recommend a trim shop for your vehicle in your area.

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