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Are you looking for a new Opel Kadett E Cabrio hood for your convertible?

We have compiled the products and the most important information for you.

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Opel Kadett E Cabrio hood — you can select either the Sonnenland fabric or the PVC

The hood of the Opel E-Kadett is available in Sonnenland fabric and PVC. In addition to the standard colour black, the cabrio hood is also available in several customized colours.

Sonnenland fabric Classic

We manufacture the soft top from the high-quality material Sonnenland, which is used by numerous automobile manufacturers as original equipment. Multiple variants of the Sonnenland material are produced.

We use Sonnenland Classic for the convertible top of this Opel because this fabric is best suited for the Kadett E body. Like all Sonnenland fabrics, the Classic is highly lightfast and fully water-repellent.

PVC hood

The Kadett E hood can also be made of PVC, although our material recommendation is clearly in favour of the Sonnenland fabric.

The only advantage of the hood cover made of PVC is that light soiling can be easily removed with a damp cloth, otherwise the material is inferior in practically all respects.

Many original PVC tops have better properties than our contemporary PVC tops, as different plasticizers are being used today due to legal regulations.

It doesn't matter whether you want a fabric or PVC roof for your vehicle, you can get a custom-fit convertible top for the build years 87-93 from us.

Hood variant with 5 or 6 loops

When ordering an Opel Kadett Cabrio Model E hood, it is important to note that there are two variants. The two variants differ in the number of loops used to attach the dust cover. The Opel hood is available with 5 loops or with 6 loops.

All variants have a glass rear window, which is not included in the scope of delivery, as it is reused during installation.

Accessories for the Opel Kadett E


In order to cover the links from the inside, the Kadett has a headliner, which we make from imitation leather. The material is similar to that of the headliner of the original VW Beetle.


The hood pad is placed between the top and the headliner to provide better insulation and to improve the shape of the top.

The middle pad of the Opel Kadett E is made of foam and fits every E-Kadett Cabrio build years 1987-1993.

In addition to the middle pad, this Kadett also has side pads. The side pads are attached to the rear left and right next to the rear window in the convertible. They are also made of coated foam.

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