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Lateral tension cables (pair) for Mazda MX5 NB Cabriolet year 99-06

Lateral tension cables (pair) for Mazda MX5 NB Cabriolet year 99-06

Side Tensioning cables Mazda MX5 NA Cabrio, year 1999-2006.
Product describtion:
The side tensioning cables of the Mazda MX5 are made of galvanized steel cables and ensure that the soft top is tensioned in the area above the side windows. If the wires are torn, the soft top pulls inward and the wind blows under the convertible roof, causing significantly louder driving noises. The tensioning cables are usually replaced at the same time as the convertible top, as they are often rusted or torn.
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  • ✓ Tension cables made in Germany
  • ✓ Top quality
  • ✓ Less drive noise thanks to new tension cables

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  • 4MA5NB9001-SS
  • <ul> <li>✓ Tension cables made in Germany</li> <li>✓ Top quality</li> <li>✓ Less drive noise thanks to new tension cables</li> </ul>
Product details Model, Material & Workmanship
Side tension cables (pair) Mazda MX5 NA Cabrio suitable for model years 1999-2006.
Product information:
The side tension cables are made of sturdy wire and ensure that the section of the hood above the side windows is kept tight. If these cables break, these sections of the hood will curl inside and allow air to blow under the soft top and into the interior. Broken tension cables will also make the interior a lot noisier. If a hood has to be replaced because of age, there is a good chance that the tension cables might also be broken or rusty and should also be replaced. Please check the condition of the cables on your vehicle. Our cables are already cut to the correct size and fitted with eyelets at the end. If the side cables are broken, there is a good chance that the rear tension cable, which we also sell separately, is too.

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