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Care set for soft tops from RaggTopp (cleaner and waterproofing agent)

  • ✓ Recommended by the fabric manufacturer
  • ✓ Particularly useful for cars that are not parked in a garage
  • ✓ Easy to use

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  • <ul> <li>✓ Recommended by the fabric manufacturer</li> <li>✓ Particularly useful for cars that are not parked in a garage</li> <li>✓ Easy to use</li> </ul>
Product details Model, Material & Workmanship
Soft top care set for all types of soft roofs (cleaner and waterproofing agent, incl. brush). In principle, cleaning and waterproofing agents are not necessary for soft top fabric and the chemicals can attack the fabric. Waterproofing agents in particular accumulate in the fibres of the fabric, enabling soot and fine dust to stick to them more easily. In addition, the soft top fabric is in itself waterproof due to its middle rubber layer. Furthermore, lukewarm water, a small drop of detergent (to dissolve the grease) and a soft brush are normally sufficient to clean the top.
BUT: Those of you who do not have the option to park their convertible in a garage should still consider using such products. It will not be possible to remove tree resin or corrosion of copper material after a few years, even when using warm water and a brush. Waterproofing can also make sense, for example, with coloured hoods, if any dirt drops into or accumulates in the folds of the soft top upon opening.
-> Recommended by the fabric manufacturer
Instruction for cleaner:
Remove any coarse dirt from the area to be cleaned and rinse with water first. Then apply RaggTopp cleaner and leave for about 20 minutes. Foam up using the enclosed brush and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the cleaning process if stains are severe.
Instruction for waterproofing agent:
Remove any loose particles from the hood and clean it again prior to applying the waterproofing agent if necessary. Then evenly spray approximately three thin layers from a distance of about 30-50 cm. Allow to act for 10-15 minutes between each coat. Then remove the overspray from the paint and glass panes using a microfibre or cotton cloth. 1-2 coats are sufficient for topping up the waterproofing.
Delivery includes:
One spray can of soft top waterproofing agent (414 ml), one spray bottle of detergent (475 ml), one brush.


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