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Are you looking for a new hood for your BMW E36 (model years 1993-1999)? At EUROTOP you can order not only the E36 hood but also all the accessories!

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The features of our BMW E36 hood at a glance:

For the BMW E36 Cabriolet we use the original "Sonnenland A5" hood material and the original thread

Sonnenland A5 is a fully synthetic fabric for convertibles and a further development of its two predecessors Sonnenland Classic and Sonnenland Plus. We use the original material for our BMW convertible top, which is highly UV and abrasion resistant (does not fade). 

No care products or waterproofing agents are necessary for Sonnenland fabric. The 3-layer fabric is equipped with a rubber layer which ensures that no moisture penetrates into your Cabriolet. In addition, as with the original hood, we use a synthetic thread covered with cotton.

We also treat the seams with seam sealer. This ensures that the E36 hood stays dry from the inside.

The convertible top for the BMW E36 is available in the following colours: black, blue, indigo, brown, green, graffiti grey, cream, dark beige, light beige, pink and red. Other colours available on request.

The BMW E36 Cabriolet rear window is made of original PVC material

The choice is yours: Hood from EUROTOP or original hood from BMW.

Our convertible top is manufactured with a firmly sewn-in rear window and all-round piping made of plastic (including TÜV stamp). The green-tinted window on the BMW E36 hood is fixed with a precise double seam. Alternatively, the Cabriolet window is also available as a clear version on request.

Our windows are protected against scratches during both transport and assembly with a fixed backing and tissue paper. In contrast to other methods, this leaves no adhesive residues on the pane or fabric. A lack of protection also increases the risk of scratches.

If you want to install an original hood on your BMW E36 (in black), you'll find it here.

The original hood has an exchangeable window, which can be retrofitted, without having to replace the entire fabric roof (XXX thread comes off with exchangeable window). If the hood is many years old, the zip on the hood is usually no longer in good condition. The installed replacement window is then usually somewhat distorted because the zipper has warped. We also offer the exchangeable window as a spare part (original BMW).

Revised hood for the BMW E36 Cabriolet without relief pockets

BMW has made adjustments to the E36 convertible top over the years. The first models of this convertible hood were equipped with relief pockets or recesses. These should protect against overstretching. From 1996 onwards, the pockets were abolished on the original E36 hood. Our hood is therefore also manufactured without relief pockets. This version also fits models that were previously equipped with a hood with pockets. If you absolutely want to keep your BMW Cabriolet in its original condition, you can also order the original hood from BMW with (or without) relief pockets from us.

BMW E36 convertible hood with or without plastic profiles – both are possible

Our own production is manufactured without plastic strips. We pass 100% of the price savings on to our customers, as the production of these plastic profiles would be rather expensive. Our hood fits like the original hood, can be mounted in a similar way and allows more room for manoeuvre by gluing than with the plastic strips. Additional sewing work is not necessary.

If you choose the original convertible hood, the plastic profiles are integrated.

Our accessories for the BMW E36 Cabrio:


Normally, a headliner only has an optical function and can be reused in most cases. However, there are three key features of the headliner for the E36 where action is needed.

  1. Problem: The headliner material of your Cabriolet is coming off. You will notice this when you find small, sticky crumbs inside. These peel off on the non-visible upper side of the headliner.
    Solution: Only a new headliner can help here.
  2. Problem: The plastic corner caps on the C-pillar are broken.
    Solution: We sell the BMW plastic corner caps separately as a so-called repair kit. We also offer this complete with cords.
  3. Problem: The plastic strips/brackets are broken, which means that the headliner is no longer fixed to the frame and falls down.
    Solution: Only a new E36 headliner can help here. We offer the plastic strips separately for our model. You only need these if the old strips cannot be reused.

The price difference between our headliner and the BMW headliner for the BMW E36 is due to the plastic parts. Our version is supplied without plastic parts, and the old parts (plastic corner caps and holding tubes) are reused. There are strips of fabric sewn to our headliner, which you simply stick around the old holding tubes. If these parts are defective, you can also order them separately. The headliner material we use is 100% original material from BMW.

Please note that there are three different versions of this Cabriolet. Depending on whether the convertible hood is driven manually, semi-electrically or electrically. The differences can be seen in the article text and the corresponding pictures. The article pictures show the front corners, which you can only see on your installed headliner if you remove the facing from the front of your car.

Tensioning straps

The tensioning straps for the BMW E36 must always be replaced. Unless the existing straps on your convertible top were renewed in the last few years, this investment is worthwhile.

The straps ensure that the hood is laid down properly during the folding process. Otherwise, problems can quickly arise, particularly with an electric hood, as the electric hood motor could be overloaded.

Assembly partner for the E36 Cabriolet:

You are welcome to ask about assembly prices in our trim shop. We can also refer you to trim shops for your vehicle in your vicinity. We supply our convertible roofs to specialist companies worldwide and can provide you with contacts for competent partners. Please enquire directly with the respective companies about their assembly prices.

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