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Discover your new VW Lupo folding roof. Choose between Sonnenland fabric or PVC in different colours. Our hoods made of Sonnenland fabric feature the highest quality, durability and waterproofing. Alternatively, you can choose the easy-to-clean PVC hood. Free samples are available to assist you with your material selection. Your new VW Lupo folding roof is delivered ready for installation. For comprehensive hood care, we also offer recommended waterproofing and care products.

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VW Lupo Folding roof made of Sonnenland fabric or PVC

We produce the folding roof for the VW Lupo from high-quality hood fabric called Sonnenland. We source this from the world's leading producer of hood fabric, enabling us to produce convertible roofs of the highest quality. The EUROTOP hoods made from this material are highly lightfast, waterproof and very durable. Due to the high quality of the hood cover, care products and impregnators are not absolutely necessary.

As an alternative to the fabric sunroof cover, we also offer a folding roof made of PVC hood material for the VW Lupo. The PVC cover is easier to clean and a little cheaper, but the hoods made of Sonnenland fabric are of higher quality and more durable.

Both material variants are available in different colours. In case you are unsure about the choice of material, we can send you a sample free of charge.

The sunroof cover is supplied ready for installation

Your new folding roof comes ready for installation and requires no additional work.

To guard against all eventualities and ensure that certain contaminants cannot adhere to the closed roof, it is advisable to use a waterproofing and care product recommended by the manufacturer for the care of the cabriolet hood.

Choose a high-quality VW Lupo folding roof made of Sonnenland fabric or PVC now! Take advantage of our free samples, fast ready-to-fit delivery and comprehensive hood care. Contact us via chat or on 07022 / 9 32 32 0 to give your VW Lupo the perfect folding roof.

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