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The early days of the VW Golf

With the VW Beetle, the car manufacturer Volkswagen created a legendary vehicle, which for a long time held the title of best-selling car in the world. Within a very short time, the Beetle became a cult car and retains this image to this day. But even the immense popularity of the Beetle model steadily waned in the early 1970s.

VW did not want to follow up the enormous success of the Beetle with a flash in the pan in the face of declining sales, so the car manufacturer went one better and launched the VW Golf in 1974, which in turn became a huge success in its own right and finally snatched the title of best-selling car from the Beetle in 2002. 

Since 1979, the Golf has also been available as a cabriolet

As the first convertible in series production with a fixed roll bar, the Golf Mk 1 also drew criticism - the model with red paintwork in particular was given the derisive nickname "strawberry basket". However, the success proved the convertible right, it was produced for over 10 years and is still very popular with VW enthusiasts today. There were also various special models of this convertible, such as: Sportline, Bel Air, Toscana and the well-known Etienne Aigner Edition.

The Golf Mk 1 soft top is available from EUROTOP in two different materials: fabric soft top (Sonnenland) and PVC soft top. The corresponding headliner is available in black, white and gray. In addition, the headliner from EUROTOP is much more durable than the original headliner, as the side edges (left and right above the windows and on the B-pillar) are reinforced by a seam. The product portfolio also includes hood covers, tension cables, padding mats and other articles for mounting. 

Golf Mk 3 & Golf Mk 4 convertible tops

The Golf Mk 3 cabriolet was introduced in the summer of 1993 and was a good deal larger than the first cabriolet. The new convertible also featured improved torsional stiffness. The new generation was able to appeal to new customers who considered the Golf Mk 1 to be too cramped, thanks to its larger and more durable design. 

As with its predecessor, there were numerous special models in addition to the original Golf Mk 3 cabriolet, including the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, Christmas Edition and many others. In line with this variety of models, EUROTOP offers a variety of different soft tops for the third generation to choose from: made of fabric in black, blue, brown or made of PVC in black, white, beige, tan, as well as a wide range of special colors for both materials.

The windshield frame is attached to the soft top frame with straps and can be reused when changing the soft top. The same applies to the rear windshield, which means that the windshield frame and the rear windshield are not included in the scope of delivery. This also makes it easy to determine whether the soft top was made for a Golf Mk 3 or Golf Mk 4, because the predecessor model has a seal running around the rear windshield, whereas the fourth-generation windshield is bonded directly to the fabric. 

The transition from Golf Mk 3 to Golf Mk 4 was somewhat slow, as the new generation was not really that new. The Golf Mk 4 is more of an update of its predecessor and not a fully independent model series. This is why the Golf Mk 4 of the 1998-2000 model years also uses the same soft tops as the Golf Mk 3, since it has the same frame. The 2001-2003 models require a separate convertible top, as these vehicles have a new frame. 

The new generation: Golf Mk 6

After a nearly ten-year hiatus, Volkswagen once again launched a new generation of convertibles in 2011, the Golf Mk 6. The Golf Mk 6 breaks with previous traditions, as it does without a roll bar. This becomes immediately apparent when opening the soft top. The lack of a handle at the top results in plenty of headroom. The new version of the popular convertible also boasted a few other attractive features: the backseat offered more space than many of its competitors, and with nine different engine options, you could choose whether you preferred a leisurely 105 hp or a speedier 265 hp. 

Golf soft tops & accessories at EUROTOP

Whether you are looking for a soft top or a hood cover for a classic Golf Mk 1, want to equip your Golf Mk 6 with the right wind deflector, re-equip the exotic Country or just need a few tension cables (side or rear) or seals for mounting, our EUROTOP product portfolio has everything you need for your convertible.

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