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Are you looking for a VW Golf 3 convertible top? EUROTOP - the specialist for convertible tops - is the right place for you. We offer not only the convertible top, but also all accessories for your Golf 3. If you have any questions about us or our products, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to advise you.

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  1. Differences between the Golf 3 and Golf 4 convertible tops
  2. Advantages of our Golf 3 convertible top
  3. The right choice of material for your Golf 3 convertible
    1. Sonnenland fabric or PVC material?
  4. Accessories for the VW Golf 3 convertible
    1. Headliner
    2. Cushion mat
    3. Tension straps
    4. Rear window seal
    5. Tarpaulin / Dust cover / Convertible top cover

Differences between the Golf 3 and Golf 4 convertible tops

The convertible top cover for the VW Golf 3 is supplied without rear window. The window frame of the convertible is attached to the retaining bar with straps (which is why it is also reused). The fabric is stapled into the frame at the end.

In contrast, on the model year 2001 (Golf 4), the window is firmly glued to the fabric (more precisely, from model year July 2000).

If you can see a rubber seal, i.e. a sealing rim, around the rear of the window, then it is the Golf III convertible top model described here.

If you do not see a rear window seal (fabric bonded to window), then this is the right item: Convertible top for VW Golf 4

Advantages of our Golf 3 convertible top:

At the rear edge, our cover is equipped with a piping for the convertible top, as original. This piping is simply pulled in when fitting to the vehicle.

At the front, our convertible top is glued, which makes for a significantly easier installation than the original convertible top.

The seam above the rear window of the convertible is a weak point in the original Golf convertible top, as it was only glued and can come loose after some time. Our seam is double stitched and therefore it cannot come open at this point. In addition, the seam was moved backwards to prevent the seam flag from bumping against the main support rod. These modifications ensure a significantly longer service life.

The fastening strips on the C-rod are not made of PVC material on the fabric convertible top, as on the original Karmann convertible top, but of Sonnenland fabric. This ensures a longer durability of the fabric convertible top.

The right choice of material for your Golf 3 convertible:

Sonnenland fabric or PVC material?

For our Golf 3 convertible top, we only use the original Sonnenland material in the "A5" version.

Compared to Sonnenland Classic or Sonnenland Plus, the A5 material is much more robust. The inside of the fabric is not made of cotton but of synthetic material and thus has better recovery properties and improved durability.

The middle layer of the 3-layer fabric is made of rubber, which is why 100% waterproofing is guaranteed. Waterproofing agents are not necessary!

The fabric for the VW Golf is available in the colors black, blue, brown, black-green, graffiti gray, cream, indigo, pink, red and dark beige (other colors on request).

We also manufacture the VW convertible top in vinyl/PVC, but always advise the fabric top. The PVC materials produced today are no longer of the same quality as in earlier times. Many of the original plasticizers may no longer be used due to newer regulations. This makes for a shorter durability than the Sonnenland fabric.

Accessories for the VW Golf 3 convertible:


We produce the convertible headliner for the manual and electric convertible top from original material in the colors black, beige and gray. The hems are stitched and the reinforcements and doublings are also present. The headliner only has a visual function. A subsequent replacement without removing the convertible top is not possible with this convertible.

Cushion mat

The cushion mat is very robust in this convertible and can be reused in many cases.

Replacement is only necessary with this convertible if the old upholstery is defective (e.g. if it has been slashed). Our upholstery for this car is made of very durable material, just like the original VW part.

Tension straps

The Golf 3 side tensioning straps are modeled on the original straps (with hooks at the front and rear with eyelet for the spring) and are available for an attractive price. The springs of the old straps are reused. Tensioning straps should be replaced when changing the convertible top, depending on the condition of the mounted straps. They ensure that the convertible top is tensioned down the side and pressed against the side sealing lip.

Rear window seal

The rear window seal for this convertible is a replica, but fits easily on the window and in the existing window frame on your vehicle.

Here, too, we can offer an attractive price through correspondingly high quantities.

Tarpaulin / Dust cover / Convertible top cover

The tarpaulin for your Golf 3 convertible top is no longer compulsory as it was for the Golf 1, but it protects the headliner from dirt when driving.

We offer the cover in different materials (imitation leather or Sonnenland fabric) and many different colors.

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