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Are you looking for a Golf MK1 hood and accessories? We have compiled the products and the most important information for you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our competent staff via chat, e-mail or telephone on +49 7022 / 9 32 32 0.

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Golf MK1 hood: Which material should I choose?

For the Golf MK1 Cabriolet we have two material variants to choose from:

Soft top (Sonnenland fabric)

In the OEM version, the Golf MK1 hood was made of fabric was delivered in fabric, e.g. as Etienne Aigner version in the Sonnenland Classic colours black (colour code: 101), blue (colour code: 102) and red or garnet red (colour code: 301). Of course you can alternatively choose all other Sonnenland colours.

PVC/vinyl hood

Most Golf MK1 Cabriolets were delivered with a PVC hood. The PVC with colour code 401 is a reproduced material with the original grain (Golf MK1 original look). It is available in unlimited quantities and produced according to today's standards (due to today's environmental and health requirements, it contains less plasticiser than in the 1980s).

We also have a few meters of the genuine Benecke/Karmann goods in stock (original quality). The colours white (colour code: 413) and pebble (colour code: 414) are original Volkswagen colours and correspond to the goods as ordered ex works for the Golf Cabriolet. In addition, our Golf MK1 Cabriolet PVC hoods are welded on the sides and cannot be visually distinguished from the original hood.

Since we bought the discontinued material from remaining stocks at a high price, we had to include a surcharge in the price. These hoods are usually not in stock and are produced for you within 1-2 working days.

Tip on choosing materials for the Golf MK1 Cabriolet

We always recommend the Sonnenland soft top. The plasticisers in today's PVC material are no longer comparable with those of earlier times due to statutory requirements, which is reflected in the service life (exceptions are our original materials in white, pebble and red). Fabric soft tops are more durable and definitely do not need to be waterproofed. The Sonnenland fabric consists of three layers – the middle rubber layer ensures that no moisture penetrates the Cabriolet. However, if you want to keep the original Golf look, the PVC material is a good option.

The design of our Cabriolet hood for the Golf MK1 corresponds to the original:

  • In the transition from the C-pillar to the rear panel of the Cabriolet, we have also incorporated a metal rod in the piping, so that the hood fits snugly against the lower seal.
  • On the PVC hood for the Golf MK1, the side seams are welded like the original Karmann hood.
  • The cut-out for the window is neither cut out nor marked on the Golf MK1 convertible roof. The frame for the rear window is fixed with straps during assembly, and its position therefore varies for each Golf MK1. If we were to pre-cut the cut-out into the material beforehand, it might end up in the wrong position.
  • The fabric flaps on the rear edge of the hood to attach the hooks for the VW Golf dust cover are included.

Headliner of the Golf Cabriolet

The headliner is available in white, black and grey and looks just like the original material. The lateral edges (right and left above the side windows and on the B-pillar) are stitched and therefore much more stable than the original headliner, which was only welded at the sides.

In the Golf MK1, from 1981 the frame was redesigned so that the open convertible top is lower (improved visibility). This has changed the position of the rear metal bracket. We supply both versions. When ordering, you must therefore select the appropriate model year for your VW Golf MK1 Cabriolet.

The headliner for the VW Golf MK1 Cabriolet has a cosmetic function and should only be replaced if it is very dirty or defective. The headliner can only be changed if the upholstery and the hood are also removed.

The headliner for the Golf MK1 Cabriolet is always in stock and will be with you within a few working days.

Padding mat & padding cover

The padding mat for the VW Golf MK1 Cabriolet is made of preformed rubber hair, like the original. This is used to help shape the hood and for noise insulation. The cotton tensioning cloth (also available separately) surrounds the padding to fix it to the frame. When changing the hood you should check the overall condition of the padding at the top and bottom.

If the hood is defective, in most cases the padding cover is also damaged (e.g. holes), which is hardly visible when mounted. Renewal is necessary at the latest when parts of the rubber hair padding can be seen at the sides when the soft top is open or crumbs are already falling down. We also offer both articles as a complete set for an attractive price.

Lateral and rear tension cables

The lateral tension cables (right and left above the side windows) ensure that the hood is pulled down to the frame. If these are torn, the Cabriolet hood lacks lateral tension. Due to the airstream, this results in significantly louder driving noises in the car.

The rear tension cable is used to attach the hood to the rear edge of the body. Our tension cable is coated like the original part.

Check the condition of your cables before installation. If the cables are rusty or their coating is damaged, you should consider replacing them. Changing the cables at a later date is much more complicated.

Hood cover / boot cover for your Golf MK1 hood:

The hood cover for the Cabriolet hood is available in many different materials. Like the original, we deliver the boot cover with fixing hooks (to hook into the fabric flaps on the rear left and right of the hood). The reinforcements in the front corners are not included and are either taken from the old VW Golf cover or are available separately on request.

Here too, as with the headliner, there are two matching versions depending on the model of the VW Golf MK1 Cabriolet.

Tip! Frame and seals for the rear window:

Before fitting the convertible roof, inspect the rear window frame of your Golf MK1 Cabriolet for rust spots. Particularly the lower edge is often affected by rust. In addition, the plastic insert in the frame may break or come loose. The seal can be reused if it is not porous. We also have other seals for the VW Golf available on request.

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