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Are you looking for a convertible top for the VW Golf 4 convertible?

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  1. The features of the VW Golf 4 convertible top from EUROTOP
  2. How do I make the right choice of material for the Golf 4 convertible?
    1. Sonnenland fabric
  3. What accessories can I buy for the VW Golf 4 convertible?
    1. Headliner
    2. Cushion mat
    3. Tension straps

The features of the VW Golf 4 convertible top from EUROTOP

The VW Golf 4 convertible top is supplied for models built from August 2000 onwards, as with the original top from Karmann, including a bonded rear window.

On the convertible top cover of the predecessor model of the VW Golf IV, the rear window frame is attached to the support rods with straps. You can recognize this earlier model of convertible top for the Golf by the rubber seal around the window.

If you own this Golf convertible, you will find the matching convertible top here: Convertible top for VW Golf 3

If the rear window on your convertible top is firmly bonded to the fabric, then the VW Golf 4 convertible top described here is suitable for your vehicle.

The rear window of the Golf 4 convertible is glued into a fabric pocket, which prevents the window from coming loose or falling out on this convertible. With other types of bonding, there is a risk of the glass coming loose.

How do I make the right choice of material for the Golf 4 convertible?

Sonnenland fabric

The roof for the Golf 4 convertible is produced in the original Sonnenland material.

This fabric is three-layered and has a middle rubber layer. This rubber layer prevents water from penetrating into the interior of the convertible top fabric.

Waterproofing agents are therefore not necessary for this roof.

The fabric for the VW Golf is available in the colors black, blue, brown, black-green, graffiti gray, cream, indigo, pink, red and dark beige. Other colors are also available on request.

As the quality of today's PVC materials is significantly worse than the original materials, we do not offer the convertible top PVC for the Golf 4 convertible. The problem is that many of the plasticizers used then are no longer permitted.

We therefore recommend a fabric convertible top cover for the Golf.

What accessories can I buy for the VW Golf 4 convertible?


We produce the convertible headliner for the Golf 4 convertible top from original material in the colors black, beige and gray.

The doublings and reinforcements are incorporated and the hems are stitched like the VW original.

The headliner of the convertible has a visual function. Subsequent replacement without removing the fabric top is not possible with this convertible.

Cushion mat

The upholstery on this Golf IV is very durable and replacement is rarely necessary. Only if the convertible cushion mat is defective does it make sense to replace it.

Our cushion for this convertible is made from very robust material, just like the original.

Tension straps

The side tensioning straps above the side windows for the VW Golf are indistinguishable from the original VW straps.

The straps for this convertible have a metal hook on one side and an eyelet on the other side to hook the spring (will be reused).

Tensioning straps are a wearing part and should be replaced when changing the convertible top if they are a few years old. The straps ensure that the canopy is stretched downwards to the side and that no wind or rain can get inside.

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