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Are you looking for a Mercedes R129 convertible top?

We produce this convertible top in original design with original materials. We also offer all accessories for your Mercedes SL R129.

If you have any questions about us or our products, please feel free to contact us at any time by e-mail or telephone.

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The SL R129 convertible top from EUROTOP

  1. Features and advantages of our Mercedes R129 convertible top
    1. Original cut
    2. Original pane thickness
    3. Original edge binding
    4. Reinforcements
  2. Rear windows of the SL R129
  3. What material is used?
  4. What accessories can I buy for the Mercedes R129?
    1. Tension cables
    2. Headliner
    3. Air deflector
  5. How do I fit my Mercedes SL convertible top?

Features and advantages of our Mercedes R129 convertible top

Original cut

As originality is becoming increasingly important for the R129 as well, our convertible top is cut exactly like the original Mercedes – front and rear sections with three rear windows.

Original pane thickness

For our R129 convertible top we use the original pane thickness of 1.5 mm for the side window and 1.25 mm for the center window.

Original edge binding

We are the only manufacturer in the world of reproduction convertible tops to equip our tops for the R129 with the original edging binding on the window section.

We aim to produce the convertible top as original as possible and use this considerably more expensive edging material.

This special fabric tape is significantly softer than conventional edging binding made of Sonnenland fabric. This protects the paintwork at the points where the SL R129 convertible top rests on the bodywork. It is only available for the colors black and blue.


As with the original Mercedes Benz convertible top, we have pockets sewn into the inside of the curves of the convertible top rear section, into which plastic reinforcements are inserted.

The front section of the SL convertible top is produced in one piece as standard. The first models up to 1992 were equipped with a front section consisting of three individually sectioned parts. On request, we can also make the elaborate three-piece version for the Mercedes R129 convertible.

Rear windows of the SL R129

We use the same original PVC rear windows as Mercedes Benz for our SL convertible tops, both in terms of thickness and design.

To prevent the rear window from becoming kinked and wrinkled, care should be taken when opening it to ensure that it lays neatly in a round shape.

When exposed to extreme heat, new rear windows are even more prone to misalignment. As long as the windows are new, it may be necessary to use your hand to push the windows forward in the correct direction of the vehicle.

We frequently receive inquiries as to whether the individual panes of the fabric convertible top of the Mercedes Benz R129 can be resewn. In principle, this is possible, but firstly, tightness cannot be guaranteed due to the old seam holes. Secondly, it makes little economic sense to sew a new window into a fabric that is over 20 years old.

The roof of the Mercedes SL consists of front and rear sections. The rear section would have to be dismantled very carefully first. This means a significant extra effort and there is a risk that the convertible top of the SL will be damaged in the process. Especially if the convertible top is older, the fabric tends to tear.

In the end, the costs are 3/4 of the price of a new rear section due to the extra effort involved in dismantling and the expensive reinforced original windows. For this reason, it usually makes more sense to change the rear section completely.

What material is used?

The first convertible models were made from Sonnenland Classic convertible top fabric with a beige back on the Mercedes R129.

The significantly more robust and improved Sonnenland Plus material was developed especially for this convertible. In contrast to Sonnenland Classic fabric, the inner side is made of synthetic material and not cotton, which makes the material much more tear-resistant.

Sonnenland Plus fabric is available in black, blue and brown and with a black inner side only.

We manufacture our convertible tops for the Mercedes SL R129 only from the original material suitable for it. The price for Sonnenland Plus is significantly more expensive to purchase, but we do not charge a premium for it.

Both materials are 100% waterproof due to their middle rubber layer and a waterproofing agent is not needed.

What accessories can I buy for the Mercedes R129?

Tension cables

As a general rule, tension cables should always be replaced on a convertible when they are partially or completely torn or the condition of the wires indicates that they will soon come to an end. If the wires are damaged, there is a risk that individual torn strands will bore through the canopy fabric. A subsequent change on the convertible top is often difficult or not possible without dismantling the convertible top.

There are three different tension cables for the Mercedes R129 convertible.

  • Tension cables on the B-rod - running down to the rear

These tension cables for the R129 are the most frequently defective.

We offer these cables like the original from Mercedes with spring, ball and plastic head completely ready for installation at a very attractive price.

The metal bracket to which the tension cable is attached is reused.

Matching product: Tension cables on the B-rod - running down to the rear

  • Tension cables between the rear windows - vertically running

These tension cables run invisibly from the outside under the fabric strips between the rear windows of the Mercedes R129 convertible top.

These are attached to the upper and lower retaining bracket and are also available from us as an inexpensive replica.

We recommend replacing these wires in any case, as a subsequent replacement is very time-consuming.

Matching product: Tension cables between the rear windows - vertically running

  • Tension cables above the door side windows

There are three different versions of these wires.

The very rare version for the first models of the R129 are unfortunately no longer available. These cannot be purchased from Mercedes either.

However, the other two models are still available.

Matching product: Tension cables above the side windows


The headliner of the SL 129 is made of two different materials.

The early models are made from beige Sonnenland under-layer fabric, the late models from a beige nylon fabric.

Both models are also available in black and gray.

Both headliner versions fit all model years of the SL R129.

Air deflector

The air deflector for the SL 129 above the rear window (rubber lip) must be removed when fitting a new roof. There is a risk that this rubber lip will tear. In the event of a later replacement, the convertible top would have to be partially dismantled, so we recommend replacing the air deflector when replacing the convertible top.

We have the original spare part for the Mercedes-Benz SL on offer for an attractive price.

How do I fit my Mercedes SL convertible top?

If the journey to us is too far or your desired installation date is not available, we will still find a solution.

We will be happy to put you in touch with a competent saddlery in your area. Because we supply our products to dealers and saddleries worldwide, we have a wide network from which you can benefit.

Please feel free to contact us.

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