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Looking for a Porsche 964 convertible top? We manufacture the convertible top in the original design and also offer all accessories such as the liner, cables, straps and dust cover for the Porsche 911. (Model years 1986–1994)

This convertible-top model for the Porsche 911 or Porsche 964 is the version with a small PVC window and zip. This is similar to the original convertible top from Porsche.

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  1. Convertible-roof material for Porsche 964
  2. Rear window of the Porsche 964
  3. Special features of the Porsche 911/964 convertible roof
  4. Accessories for the Porsche 911 type 964
  5. Installing the 964 convertible roof

Convertible hoodmaterial for Porsche 964

We use the original Sonnenland Classic material with a black inner lining to produce the convertible hood for the Porsche 964 convertible.

Sonnenland is the brand name for what we believe to be the highest-quality convertible hood material on the market. It is not for nothing that this material is still used in Porsche's original model even today.

The material is completely waterproof due to its three-layer structure. The middle layer of rubber prevents moisture from penetrating the interior of your Porsche convertible.

The convertible hood in Sonnenland Classic is available in the standard colors black, blue, brown, light beige, dark beige and red.

We also have a small remainder of original custom colors such as firenze gray, classic gray and mahogany in stock (only while stocks last).

Rear window of the Porsche 964

In contrast to its predecessor, the Porsche G model (built 1983–1985), the rear window is slightly smaller and therefore much easier to handle.

Incidentally, the Porsche 964 convertible hood can also be fitted to the previous model without any problems.

According to the Porsche manual, the zipper that encloses the rear window of the convertible should only be opened in cold temperatures.

Otherwise, it is possible to collapse the convertible hood with the zipper closed.

Special features of the Porsche 911/964 convertible roof

Our convertible roof matches the original not just in terms of material. The details are also modeled on the original roof.

The following features of the convertible roof are also worth mentioning:

  • The convertible roof has elongated cut-outs in the fabric where it is screwed on. This considerably simplifies the installation.
  • The installation lines are marked on the convertible roof.
  • The zipper around the rear window is particularly robust. This ensures that this part cannot open or loosen even at higher speeds.

Accessories for the Porsche 911 type 964

In addition to the convertible roof, we also offer installation-related accessories for the Porsche 964.


Similar to the original, the headliner is made of rubberized Sonnenland fabric and in most cases it is also replaced when the convertible roof is changed.

Tensioning cables

Repair is necessary if individual strands or the entire tensioning cable is torn.

The tension ropes ensure that the convertible roof is pulled sideways to the roof frame of the convertible.

This prevents annoying sounds from the air stream.

The tensioning cables are available from us as spare parts.


The straps are based on the original and should be changed when the old rubbers are worn out.

Dust cover

The dust cover or tonneau cover for the 911 convertible is made of original Sonnenland fabric.

It ensures that the convertible roof does not flutter in the wind when driving.

In addition, the tonneau cover protects the roof lining from fading.

Installing the 964 convertible roof

If you would like us to assemble the convertible top for the Porsche 964, please ask us for an offer and book an appointment with us.

For the time your convertible is in our assembly hall, you can get a courtesy car, if required.

Convertible drivers from all over Europe come to us regularly. If you need to travel too far to reach us, we would be happy to refer you to one of our trim-shop customers. Thanks to our large network, we can recommend a specialist company in most regions.

Simply contact us by phone, email or chat with us.

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