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Looking for an BMW E46 convertible roof?

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If you have any questions about the convertible roof or other spare parts for the BMW E46 convertible, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Convertible-roof material for the BMW E46—Twillfast fabric

The convertible roof we offer for the BMW E46 convertible (suitable for all model years from 2000 to 2007) is made of the Twillfast material, which BMW also uses for its original tops.

The manufacturer of this material (Haartz) also produces the Sonnenland material that is most commonly used for our other convertible roofs.

This top material is similar in its design to the German Sonnenland A5 and is also made up of three layers.

This middle layer ensures that water does not penetrate. Waterproofing is therefore not necessary with this material.

Nevertheless, it can make sense to use a waterproofing agent if the convertible remains outside for a long time. Rainwater rolls of the fabric, carrying along with it the dust that has settled on it, thus ensuring that dust does not settle easily on the fabric fibers of the convertible roof.

Two models of the BMW 46 convertible roof (rear window)

We offer two models of convertible roof for the E46.

  1. BMW E46 replica convertible roof in original material with rear window frame.
  2. BMW E46 original convertible roof from BMW with "foamed" original frame for the rear window.

The main difference between the two tops is the design of the window.

The reproduced convertible hood is equipped with the conventional after-market window system. The frame around the windshield on this BMW is not visible.

The original convertible hood, on the other hand, has the window frame typical of the E46 with a so-called foamed material.

This type of convertible roof cover is quite elaborate in design and expensive. This is why this system is not used for replica convertible roofs, because the number of items produced is too small.

Since we can offer the original BMW convertible roof relatively cheaply compared to a replica, it is worth considering re-equipping your BMW 3 Series E46 convertible with an original roof.

There is no difference in durability between the two window systems.

Otherwise, all details in the original are incorporated into the E46 replica roof.

As with the original, the headliner of the BMW convertible is clipped around the window.

A plastic rail is also attached to the rear of the roof.

Replacement parts for the BMW E46 convertible hood

Headliner and repair kit for the BMW E46 convertible

We offer the headliner and the plastic corners (repair kit) for the E46 as original parts from BMW.

The main cause of a defective E46 headliner is usually the aforementioned plastic corners on the C-pillar of the convertible. With an electric support frame, this can sometimes wear out faster than you think.

If the headliner material of the convertible has not yet been damaged, these can be changed separately and are available in our shop.

If the E46 headliner is also defective, the old plastic parts would have to be used for a replica product. Since these are usually the origin of the problem and cannot be reused, we offer the original headliner for the 3 Series (for a very attractive price). This means that the plastic parts are included in the scope of delivery of the 3 Series headliner and are already firmly glued in.

Wind deflector for the BMW 3 series E46 convertible

Since the original BMW wind deflector is relatively expensive, we offer a replica product for an attractive price.

The wind deflector for the 3 series convertible comes with two different fastening parts.

Since there were two models of the E46 convertible-roof compartment, the wind deflector fits both versions of your vehicle.

Installation of the BMW 3er E46 convertible roof

If you want the roof of the 3 Series to be of superior quality, along with reliable installation, you are welcome to contact us.

In our in-house trim shop, your vehicle is in good hands. For the duration of the convertible hood installation, you will receive a car from us as a courtesy car.

However, if you need to travel too far with your convertible or we are unable to book an appointment with you, we will still be happy to help you.

We supply our convertible roofs to trim shops and workshops around the world and we would be happy to book an appointment with a suitable company for your convertible. We are sure to find an installation partner in your area who will reliably take care of your BMW E46 convertible.

Feel free to contact us by email, WhatsApp, chat or simply call us on phone.

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