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Looking for a Porsche 996 convertible roof? You will find it at EUROTOP!

You will not only get the new convertible hood for the Porsche 996 (model years 1997–2006), but also the headliners and the tensioning cables.

We manufacture the convertible roof in both versions of the Porsche 911—with PVC rear window or glass rear window.

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Interesting facts about the Porsche 996 convertible hood

  1. Sonnenland fabric
  2. Special features of the Porsche 996 convertible hood
  3. Porsche 996 convertible hood with PVC or glass rear window
  4. This is how you solve the problems of the Porsche 996 convertible hood

Sonnenland fabric

Originally, the singed Sonnenland A5 fabric was used as a convertible hood for the Porsche 996.

The fabric is lightly flamed so that the surface appears smoother.

The problem with this, however, is that this process results in a color deviation. This fused material comes away easily at kinks and the differences in color make the kinks and abrasion areas clearly more visible due to the change in color.

To avoid these problems, we use the time-tested Sonnenland A5 fabric for our Porsche 996 convertible hoods.

The best quality fabric for your convertible roof available on the market.

We offer the convertible roof for the Porsche 996 in the colors black, blue, brown, black-green, graffiti gray, cream, indigo, pink and red.

Special features of the Porsche 996 convertible roof

The convertible roof has a glued-around seam flag, which means the seam runs along the side from the front to the back.

As with the original convertible roof, the sealing tape was heat-sealed on with a special machine. The hollow piping for the tensioning cables is additionally sheathed with fabric and thus reinforced, so that the tensioning cables do not chafe through.

The fastening strips are also similar to the originals from Porsche and are seamlessly heat-sealed. All elastic cords are in place so that the convertible roof is correctly stored in the convertible-roof compartment.

The plastic strips are sewn on the back and front edges. The convertible roof is thus securely fixed at the front and rear and cannot detach, even at high speeds.

The connecting straps, on which the middle spring is suspended, have the ideal length. These ensure that the convertible roof runs into the guide on the side and collapses correctly. 

Porsche 996 convertible roof with PVC or glass rear window

Convertible top with PVC rear window

The first Porsche 996 models from 1997–2001 were delivered with a PVC window.

The PVC window was double sewn, which means that the window cannot come off.

Since the window cannot be changed, deformation or detachment of the fabric surrounds is impossible.

There is a zipper around the rear window for easy installation of the headliner.

About the product: Convertible top with PVC rear window

Convertible top with glass rear window

The later models of this 911 convertibles (built in 2002–2006) were delivered with a glass window.

The original window with frame, brackets and seal is reused. This means that the original look with the Porsche logo is retained.

A precisely trimmed window section means no reworking is necessary. The window sits straight and in the same position as the original Porsche convertible roof.

About the product: Convertible top with glass rear window

Tensioning cables

The tensioning cables on the Porsche 996 ensure that the convertible roof is pulled sideways against the support rod and that there is no troublesome noise from the air stream.

In the early version of the Porsche convertible roof with a PVC window, there were two different lengths of tensioning cables. These cannot be clearly identified, even with the chassis number. For this reason, we deliver the tensioning cables separately.

These are inserted into the piping, cut to the right length and pressed.

In the version with the rear window made of glass, the tensioning cables are already drawn into the piping and are of the correct length.

If your tensioning cables are broken, you can also purchase them separately from us.


The headliner comes very close to the original from Porsche and can be easily connected to the convertible roof with the zip. This is the headliner for the version with a PVC window.

About the product: Headliner for the Porsche 996 with PVC window

About the product: Headliner for the Porsche 996 with glass window

This is how you solve the problems of the Porsche 996 convertible roof

Solution for the hole in the middle of the convertible roof

The reason for this damage has nothing to do with the convertible roof and is not in itself an installation error.

The hole is caused by the lock on the convertible-roof compartment lid.

The lock is usually covered by a small plastic cap. If this no longer works properly, damage is inevitable.

The earlier models of this convertible came without this cap. This was retrofitted later.

If this problem occurs with your Porsche, you must replace or retrofit this protective mechanism on the convertible roof before installing a new convertible roof. Otherwise, the new convertible roof will be riddled with holes after a few collapses.

Tensioning cables do not thread correctly laterally

With the Porsche 996, you can see from time to time that the tensioning cables do not run laterally in the groove.

The convertible roof and the cables are not responsible for this. It is much more a sign of aging of the support rod.

You can slide the cable back into the rail during the folding process. with the Porsche 911, the problem normally disappears again for a long time after a few attempts.

Porsche 996 convertible-roof installation at EUROTOP

Would you like us to install the convertible roof of your Porsche 996?

You are most welcome to inquire about an offer and book an appointment. You will receive a courtesy car for the period of installation.

If you need to come a long distance with your convertible, we will be happy to refer a workshop near you.

We deliver to trim shops and other specialist companies around the world and are sure to have a recommendation for your convertible near you.

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