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We would be happy to advise you on your BMW Z3 hood. Our friendly staff are available for you to contact by phone, via our chat or by e-mail. You are also welcome to read up on our hood yourself.

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The features of our BMW Z3 hood at a glance:

For the BMW Z3 cabriolet, we use the original "Sonnenland A5" hood material and the original thread

The Sonnenland fabric A5 is more robust and more durable than Sonnenland Classic or Sonnenland Plus. Here, both the top and the back are made of synthetics. Care products or waterproofing are not necessary. The middle rubber layer of the hood fabric ensures the hoods are 100% waterproof.

If you don't want to do without a beading effect, you can waterproof your convertible top. However, we don't offer these types of aggressive chemicals and believe that they tend to damage the fabric and make it stiff in the long term.

Our seams are sewn with a cotton-covered synthetic thread, which is also used in the original equipment. The cotton expands in the rain and seals the seam hole so that no moisture penetrates the Z3 hood. Additionally, all seams are treated with a special seam sealer.

The convertible top for the BMW Z3 is available in black, blue, indigo, brown, green, graffiti grey, cream, dark beige, light beige, pink and red. Other colours available on request.

The PVC Z3 hood rear window is made of original material and sewn in

Like the original BMW Z3, our rear window is manufactured with surrounding piping and bears a TÜV stamp. The window is 1 mm thick, just like the original BMW hood. We sew the window firmly in place with a very precise, parallel running double seam. This prevents the fabric from coming loose from the piping. The window has a green tint, but can also be supplied in a clear version on request.

The exchangeable windows on the Z3 should be used with caution. Although the manufacturer provides a well thought-out solution here, this often only works for a few years. After some time, the seam on the zip on the old Z3 hood comes apart so that the new window can no longer be fitted. We offer the original exchange window for the Z3, but we don't carry out this type of repair ourselves.

We also have the original black convertible roofs from BMW with integrated exchangeable windows in our range.

The PVC windows for our BMW Z3 hoods are protected with our carefully sewn-on window protector and tissue paper during transport and right up until they are fully fitted. This was an intentional move on our part, and is very different from the less expensive fastening options that only involve tape and/or paper. Although this involves significantly more work, it prevents the window protector from moving out of place or coming loose during transport and fitting, and the window from becoming scratched. It also ensures that there will not be any adhesive residues on the hood canvas/window, which are often difficult to remove.

Revised hood for the BMW Z3 Roadster with side relief pockets

BMW has made some adjustments to the convertible top over the years. The most conspicuous feature of the Z3 hood are the relief pockets (recesses). These should protect against overstretching during opening and closing.

Like the last version, our hood for the BMW Z3 comes with side relief pockets. Additionally, our hoods have sewn-in slots for the metal strips above and below the rear window. These strips are taken from the old hood (if available) and serve to stabilise the window. But even without these metal strips our hood fits without creases.

On the original BMW Z3 hood offered by us this metal strip is already sewn in above the window. There is no slot below the window.

BMW Z3 convertible roof with or without plastic profiles – the choice is yours

Our own hood is manufactured without profile strips. This allows us to offer the hood at a very reasonable price, as the production of these parts in relatively small quantities would be very expensive. What's more, these plastic parts cannot become brittle or break. No additional sewing work is required for both hoods. The hood from BMW has all plastic profiles firmly integrated.

Our accessories for the BMW Z3 Cabriolet:


The headliner is an original part from BMW and only fits vehicles that already had an headliner installed ex works (model years 2000-2002). Retrofitting for earlier BMW Z3 models is not possible with this headliner as attachments are missing. The headliner can always be re-used and should only be replaced if the existing part is very dirty or defective.

Tensioning straps

The tensioning straps for the BMW Z3 come in four parts. If your straps are already a few years older, we recommend changing them. The straps ensure that the hood folds as intended during opening and closing and does not jam in the frame.

Tension cables

The tension cables are available from BMW in two versions. As the cables were modified at the end of 1996, we recommend that you compare the product photos with your existing cables. The correct model cannot always be reliably determined for the model years 1996 and 1997. As the hood cannot be fixed above the window on the sides, the tension cables provide the necessary tension and pull the hood down on the sides.

Assembly partner for your Cabriolet:

Please feel free to contact us even if we're a bit too far away for you to drop in. We supply trim shops all over the world with our convertible roofs and regularly provide experienced workshops who are familiar with the installation of convertible tops. Simply get in touch with the trim shop directly to get an offer for your vehicle.

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