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Are you looking for a Jaguar XK8 convertible top (model years 1997-2006)?

We supply the hood and the headliner for the Jaguar XK8 (and also for the Jaguar XKR and X100).

For more information on the Jaguar XKR convertible hood, see below.

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Jaguar XK8 hood made of original Sonnenland material

We supply the Jaguar XK8 hood /(first model from 1997 to 2006) in Sonnenland fabric.

The material consists of three layers. The top and bottom layers are synthetic and the middle layer is made of rubber. This ensures that water cannot penetrate the interior of the convertible top.

It is not absolutely necessary to apply a waterproofing agent. However, in some cases it can make sense to coat the convertible top of your XKR. If the convertible is outside for long periods, the waterproofing agent ensures that dirty rainwater does not penetrate the hood material of the Jaguar.

The XK8 top is equipped with all plastic parts to fix the hood to the retaining bars.

The glass rear window pane is reused as was the case with the Jaguar original hood and this is not included in the scope of the delivery. It is not required either.

The convertible top is finished with a fabric edging similar to the later improved Jaguar model. The rain gutters at the sides are slightly higher as in the later XK8 version.

Headliner for the Jaguar XK

The headliner of the XK is available in beige or gray.

The plastic pins and the plastic profile at the front center are already stitched on. Only the clamp bar around the rear window pane is reused from the old XK headliner.

You should note also that there are two different versions of the Jaguar XK8 X100 headliner. The earlier headliner was made in two parts and the subsequent version was a single unit design. When you order, we will ask you for the model year of your Jaguar XK.

Installation of the Jaguar XKR convertible roof

In our in-house trim shop, we can fit the headliner and hood on the Jaguar XKR convertible.

Contact us to arrange an appointment for installation of your Jaguar convertible roof or ask about our prices.

During the installation of your Jaguar top, we can offer you a replacement car free of charge, should you require it.

If your preferred date for hood installation is not available, that’s not a problem. Since we supply our convertible tops to trim shops and specialist companies around the world, we have a network of premium partners.

That means that we will be happy to recommend a company near you, who can take care of the hood replacement on your XK.

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