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Looking for a Fiat Barchetta convertible roof?

We offer the convertible roof for the Fiat Barchetta (suitable for model years 1995 to 2005) not only in Sonnenland material, but also in PVC material.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Barchetta top or read additional information about the convertible roof below.

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  1. Fiat Barchetta convertible roof: original "Sonnenland A5" roof fabric 
  2. Barchetta convertible roof made of PVC material
  3. Yarn for the Barchetta top cover
  4. Rear window of the Fiat Barchetta
  5. Accessories for the Fiat Barchetta
  6. Installation partner for your convertible

Fiat Barchetta convertible roof: original "Sonnenland A5" roof fabric 

The Sonnenland A5 convertible-roof material is a little more durable than the Sonnenland Classic or Plus.

In contrast to the stretchier Sonnenland Classic, the bottom-layer material is also synthetic. Due to the middle rubber layer, the top material is 100% waterproof, suitable for your Barchetta.

The Sonnenland Fiat Barchetta convertible roof is available in the following colors: black, blue, brown, indigo, cream, green, graffiti gray, red and pink. Other colors are available on request.

The waterproofing agents and care products we offer are not absolutely necessary.

However, if you can’t do without a pearling effect on your convertible, you can treat the top fabric with these agents. Especially when the convertible is often outside, acidic and dirty rain does not settle in the convertible roof.

Barchetta convertible roof made of PVC material

The PVC Fiat Barchetta convertible can also be equipped with a vinyl roof instead of a fabric hood.

This somewhat lower-priced material is available in black and other colors, depending on availability. You are welcome to contact us directly here anytime.

We still recommend the slightly more expensive soft top for the Barchetta, as the quality of the PVC material has unfortunately not improved over the years.

Two reasons for this are the falling demand for PVC material and stricter requirements meaning that many plasticizers are now banned. The latter point makes it increasingly difficult for manufacturers to make the plastic as soft and robust as possible.

The only major advantage is the slightly easier maintenance. You can benefit from this especially with black convertible hoods.

Yarn for the Barchetta top cover

The seams of the Fiat Barchetta convertible hood are similar to the original Fiat yarn.

It is a robust synthetic thread that is covered with cotton.

The cotton expands as soon as it becomes damp. This ensures that no rainwater can enter the interior of the Fiat Barchetta convertible.

Furthermore, the seams of the convertible hood are treated with a special seam-protecting agent.

Rear window of the Fiat Barchetta

The plastic rear window of our convertible roof for the Fiat Barchetta is sewn in securely.

It is made of original PVC material, 1 mm thick and has a TÜV stamp.

We sew in the plastic window with a parallel, very precise double seam.

The top of the Fiat original convertible roof for the Fiat Barchetta is equipped with a replaceable window.

Caution is advised here, as the zipper on the old hood warps after a while and the new Barchetta window can no longer be installed cleanly and without creases. 

We therefore advise against repairs of this type or the installation of a Barchetta replacement windows.

In any case, the original replacement window from Fiat is even more expensive than a new convertible roof.

Accessories for the Fiat Barchetta

Since the Fiat Barchetta is equipped as a roadster without a headliner or upholstery, few accessories are required to change the convertible roof.

Only the tensioning cables are a must when the top is a few years older.

Seals are rarely an issue with the Fiat Barchetta and can almost always be reused. Unfortunately, there are no replicas and if new seals are necessary, these are only available directly from Fiat.

Installation partner for your convertible

We would be happy to send you an offer for the complete installation of the convertible roof.

For the duration of the installation we can also give you a vehicle to borrow free of charge while your car is in our hall.

However, if we are located too far for you to reach us or we are unable to book an appointment, we will still help you

Since we supply our convertible roofs to trim shops and specialist workshops around the world, we have a strong network. Just let us know your location. We will send you addresses of suitable installation companies in your area who will take care of your Barchetta.

You can then discuss the installation prices for your Fiat Barchetta directly with the respective company.

Any questions about this product?

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