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EUROTOP offers you premium quality from Germany. In addition to BMW E30 hoods, we also provide all the necessary accessories. Read more about the BMW E30 soft top and find out everything you need to know!

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Features of the BMW E30 convertible roof at EUROTOP:

We produce the BMW E30 Cabriolet in the hood materials “Sonnenland Classic” & “Sonnenland Plus”

Sonnenland Classic is a three-layer fabric for Cabriolets and consists of polyester/acrylic, a rubber layer and cotton as the base fabric. With Sonnenland Plus, the base fabric is also made of polyester rather than cotton.

We produce the E30 hood as standard in the more robust Plus material (only available in black, blue and brown). For all other colours, we use the original Sonnenland Classic material used by BMW. We advise against the use of Sonnenland A5, because the material is much stiffer. As a result, the convertible top does not fit into the hood compartment very well and creates tension. 

No waterproofing agents or care products are necessary for your new hood made of Sonnenland fabric. As already described, all Sonnenland fabrics are equipped with a rubber layer. This prevents moisture from penetrating into your BMW Cabriolet – even without waterproofing.

The original synthetic thread we use is cotton covered. The cotton expands when exposed to moisture and does not allow water to enter through the seam hole.

Additionally, the seams are treated with seam sealer, which provides additional moisture protection for the E30 hood.

We supply the convertible top for the BMW E30 in the following colours:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Pearl beige
  • Light beige
  • Dark beige
  • Classic grey
  • Firenze grey
  • Grey green
  • Red

Other colours available on request.

Original PVC material is used for the BMW E30 rear window

As with the BMW hood cover, we use a 1 mm thick PVC window pane with TÜV stamp for the E30 hood. The window is firmly sewn into the roof with all-round piping. On request, the fabric edge around the window can also be hemmed – the same way the initial hood versions were delivered by BMW. The window has a green tint like the original, but can also be fitted in a clear version on request.

Further proof of our very high quality standard is the window protector. Instead of just placing the tissue paper on the window and folding the hood for transport, we fix the protector.

During transport and installation in particular, the risk of scratching the pane is very high. A backing the size of the window is sewn over the tissue paper by hand from both sides, so that nothing can come loose. If the protector is simply stuck on, observations show that it either comes off or residues of the adhesive are visible on the fabric. This involves a fair amount of additional work, which is already included in the price.

We also offer the original hood with exchangeable window for the BMW 3 series E30 (in black).

The convertible soft top of the BMW has an exchangeable window that can be retrofitted. However, you should bear in mind that this repair is no longer easy to carry out after a few years.

If the thread on the zip of the window in your vehicle has come loose, the exchangeable window can no longer be fitted. You should check your existing hood carefully before making a decision on replacing the window.

BMW E30 convertible roof with original details

Our hoods are produced with doubling up on the side as is the case with BMW. It's easy to save a fair amount of time by just sewing this reinforcement on and not gluing it.

There are also hoods available on the market, which are manufactured completely without doubling or that only have a decorative seam. Quality and lasting durability of the hood are very important to us. For this reason, our doubling is glued and sewn on.

A characteristic feature of the BMW E30 hood is the lateral brush seals at the lower end. These are used to ensure that the side edge of the hood fits snugly against the body. We use exactly the same brush seals for the original hood.

We have also included the spiral spring for reinforcementat the bottom hem. This ensures that the edge of the hood is positioned precisely downwards when fitted correctly.

We also offer both versions of the convertible roof: manual and electric. The difference is an additional fabric strip on the electric model.

Our accessories for the BMW E30 Cabrio:

Front bow seal & sealing strip

A well-known weakness of the BMW E30 hood is the front end or front bow. If moisture enters here, the front bow seal of the BMW E30 should be replaced.

In most cases the sealing strip also bends during removal. You can, of course, try to save the part, but you should still take it into account as a precaution.

We also offer the original sealing compound from KENT, which is used when replacing the seal.

Tensioning straps

The tensioning straps for the BMW E30 must always be replaced. We do not mount a hood without renewing these straps. The consequential damage caused by old, defective straps should not be underestimated.

The straps pull the frame together after opening. If this is no longer possible due to worn rubber bands, the motor must do all the work. Over loading the motors often leads to greater damage.

The convertible top is also clamped into the frame. Please also note that a large part of the hood must be dismantled again when the straps are replaced at a later date.

Tension cables

The tension cables should be replaced when the existing cables have already torn or are about to tear.

They tension the hood downwards at the sides and also ensure that there is less noise from the wind.

Gas pressure springs

If the gas pressure springs have become too weak for the hood compartment and no longer hold the lid reliably up, they must be replaced.


Assembly partner for your BMW E30 Cabriolet (also M3):

You are welcome to ask about assembly prices for your vehicle in our in-house trim shop.

If the journey is too far for you or the desired date is already taken, we will of course help you any way we can. We refer our customers to competent trim shops throughout Europe (and worldwide) that can carry out the assembly for you.

Please enquire directly with the respective companies about their prices for installation.

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