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Rear tension cable for Ford Escort 1 Cabriolet year 83-91

Rear tension cable for Ford Escort 1 Cabriolet year 83-91

  • ✓ Tension cables made in Germany
  • ✓ Top quality
  • ✓ For attaching the hood to the rear

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  • 4FOES19001-SH
  • <ul> <li>✓ Tension cables made in Germany</li> <li>✓ Top quality</li> <li>✓ For attaching the hood to the rear</li> </ul>
Product details Model, Material & Workmanship
Rear tension cable Ford Escort 1 Cabrio suitable for model years 1983-1991.
Product information:
The rear tension cable is fitted at the height of the C-pillars and keeps the hood attached to the body above the boot. The ends are fitted with screw threads that are suitable for use with all hood frames.
As one of the largest suppliers of convertible hoods in Europe, we also guarantee a perfect fit and high-quality workmanship for our accessories.
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