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Cloth Sonnenland

– Sonnenland is a legally protected trade name for a very high-quality convertible roof material produced in Germany, which is used with original equipment in the car industry worldwide, e.g., for convertibles by Porsche or Mercedes.

– Sonnenland describes only the material itself, just the yard goods, and on no account does this describe the finished convertible top.

– Just as the manufacturer of "Aspirin" is not called Aspirin, the manufacturer of the "Sonnenland" material is not called Sonnenland.

– The Sonnenland convertible roof material differs from other convertible roof materials with its light fastness, its life span, its weather permanence and its form stability. Other materials may look deceptively similar and may also be easier to fit and produce, and can thereby be offered more cheaply in the marketplace.

– As with other high-quality brand products, there is unfortunately a range of forgeries on the market. These cannot initially be immediately recognised, the first signs of the fraud becoming clear in the product's diminished life span and lack of light fastness. An impregnation is not necessary.

– With EUROTOP GmbH + Co. KG as an automotive industry partner you can be absolutely sure that you will receive genuine, original Sonnenland material.

– The application of Sonnenland material in the convertible roof production forms an important high-class basis for a high-quality convertible top, but practically even more important factors are, for example, machining equipment, industrial manufacturing, and long-standing experience and technical knowledge of the convertible top manufacturer. What use is it to have a convertible top made from the best materials if it's 3cm too long, or too short, or has crooked, leaky seams?

A quality convertible roof from EUROTOP® is never cheap but always reasonable.
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