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CargoCover for VW Beetle

  • ✓ Suitable for the back seat of the VW Beetle
  • ✓ Protects the back seat from dirt & damage
  • ✓ Easy to use

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  • <ul> <li>✓ Suitable for the back seat of the VW Beetle</li> <li>✓ Protects the back seat from dirt &amp; damage</li> <li>✓ Easy to use</li> </ul> <div id="gtx-trans" style="position: absolute; left: 46px; top: 47.7708px;">&nbsp;</div>
Product details Model, Material & Workmanship
The CargoCover is ideal for protecting the back seat of the VW Beetle from dirt and damage when transporting pets or objects. The sturdy, foldable box consists of several layers, which were specially selected to achieve the required properties. The microfiber used for the surface is enormously robust and meets the highest standards of the automotive industry. Due to the material composition of the CargoCover, animal hair does not adhere and even heavier soiling can usually be removed with a damp sponge only - thus reducing the cleaning effort to a minimum. Even when damp, the surface material still retains its anti-slip properties.
The protective lining consists of four layers. The DINAMICA® outer material is a microfiber fabric, which gives the CargoCover a high-quality look thanks to its suede-like surface and is also very easy to clean. The Dry Pad layer consists of an absorbent foam that both absorbs excess moisture and improves comfort by providing additional padding. The drite layer is a moisture barrier layer, ensures that moisture cannot seep through the CargoCover. The backing material is an insulating felt, which serves to shape.
Delivery includes:
Ready-to-install CargoCover with all necessary elements.

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