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PVC material is made of two layers. The upper PVC layer (having different structures) and the lower layer, a base fabric made of cloth.
PVC was used for soft tops mainly from the 50s to the 90s and since then didn’t play a role anymore in the car industry.

The quality of PVC material cannot be compared with the quality of Sonnenland fabric and for this reason we advise to always use Sonnenland which is of significantly higher quality.
As it is reproduced today, the PVC material is usually not comparable with the original materials. Because of today's restrictions some ingredients (plasticisers) are no longer permitted and therefore the material behaves not like a few years ago, because the ductility and bending ability is severely limited. Nevertheless, of course, a water resistance is given which requires no impregnation.

Characteristic was also the respective structure for the respective vehicle model. The structures of the material are in the range of the past no longer available and thus the new material usually differs from the original structure.

In the automotive industry only Sonnenland fabric is used for soft tops because the material is significantly more durable and light resistant. It also has a higher-quality optics. For this reason we advise to always use Sonnenland hoods.


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