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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently asked questions

  • The PVC/plastic window on the convertible top is torn or has kinks. Can I replace the window?

    In general this is possible, but just in very few cases it makes sense. Some soft tops have a separate rear window part for this reason. Thus, e.g. in the case of the Mercedes SL R129, Smart 450, Porsche 911 (Porsche 964), etc., the window part must be changed separately.
    If the window is defective due to the age of the PVC material, it is not advisable to replace the window, since the convertible material is usually brittle and cracked. A disassembly of the old convertible top is very complex and entails the risk that the roof will tear. After the disassembly, the convertible top must be placed under the sewing machine in order to sew the window. There is, however, the risk that the material may tear because of its age. Likewise, after the sewing of the new window, moisture can pass through the old seam holes.

    For the layman, a convertible top is not defective until a hole is visible. The convertible top is, however, no longer functional when the middle rubber layer in the material is broken and moisture is formed in the vehicle. This is preferably the result of the kinking and scraping sites.

    Bottom line is, it is not economically useful to sew in a new window into a 10-15 year old convertible top. In the end you have to take into account the normal assembly costs (which also arise with a new convertible top), increased costs for the expensive disassembly as well as the costs for the sewing of the window.

  • What are the tension belts and do I really need them?

    Functioning tension belts prevent (e.g. on the BMW E30, BMW E36 or Audi 80) that the convertible material is clamped in the linkage when it is opened. If the installed belts are defective and are not replaced, the new convertible top could be broken within a very short time. In addition, new tensioning straps also support the smooth operation between the frame and the convertible top during opening and closing. Usually the straps have to be replaced when the convertible top is replaced, since it is only possible to change the belts later, with an almost complete disassembly of the convertible top.

  • The glass window is detached from the convertible top. Can this be repaired?

    This is a known problem with various convertibles with a glass window, where the cover material is glued to the glass window. This bonding can be released at the stress points. Often it begins at the corners until gradually larger parts release and in the extreme case the window falls into the vehicle interior. If the window has only loosened a few centimeters, this can be repaired at least for the time being. However, the chance is high that the gluing in other places also detaches or does not sustain the repair permanently, which in the end is the only safe solution a new soft top.

  • My convertible tob is broken. Do I also need a new headliner/inner roof and a padding mat (assuming my vehicle has an original headliner/inner roof and / or a padding mat installed)?

    In the headliner you always see for yourself whether the condition (holes, cracks or heavy stains) is still acceptable for you. In general, the indoor environment has no function (e.g. sound insulation such as the padding mat), but serves only as a cover for the frame or padding mat.
    With the padding mat (between the inner sky and the convertible top) this is a bit more difficult. If the overall condition of the convertible top is no longer good, the padding must normally be renewed. At the latest when the padding mat dissolves and parts of the mat fall into the interior, a renewal is necessary. Please note: For most vehicles (such as VW Golf, VW Beetle and Ford Escort) the padding mat and the sky can only be changed if the soft top has also been completely dismounted.

  • I have problems closing the frame after installing the new convertible top. Is that normal?

    In general, a new convertible top (and, moreover, the inner roof) must have more tension than a top mounted over years, because the fabric has already been stretched. The reason for this is that during the first few days and weeks, the convertible material still stretches and adapts to the frame. An increased tension at the beginning is important for the fitting of the soft top. If the convertible top could be closed during the assembly and the first days afterwards without effort, the top would be slackened after a few weeks.
    The convertible top should remain closed for the first few weeks after installation, before opening it for the first time. After that it is best to close the convertible top directly after the ride with an open top.

  • I have scratches on the PVC window or it is yellowed and cloudy. What can I do?

    Cloudy windows can be brightened with PVC window polish. Environmental influences, such as fine dust and exhaust fumes, accumulate on the windscreen and lead to these optical changes. Scratches cannot normally be polish out.

  • Do I need new tension cables if I want to mount a new convertible top?

    If the tension cables are defective, you must renew them in any case. You can also check this yourself, for example, if you find rust or too little tension when the convertible top is closed.
    Due to their age, rear tension cables must always be replaced. Side tension ropes should be replaced, as we said, depending on the age and condition, since a subsequent change is very complex.

  • I would like to renew my convertible top all around. Do you offer seals and do they have to be renewed?

    For convertibles where the seals are vulnerable and normally have a similar life as a soft top, we offer the seals. If these are broken or deformed, they must be renewed. In most cases, however, the seals can be taken over from the old vehicle (seals that are glued to the convertible top must always be renewed - for example, Mercedes SL R107 and Mercedes SL W113).

  • Can I install the hoods myself?

    The fitting of a convertible top is part of a saddler. Even car dealers often pass on this work to saddleries. It is not for nothing that the occupation of the saddler is a teaching profession and therefore we generally advise against self-assembly. Although in the Internet, installation instructions are available (which make a installation supposedly easy to appear), the result in the end certainly can not be compared with that of an expert, due of lack of experience.
    Since we supply a large number of saddleries in Germany and abroad, you can always ask for an experienced company near you.

  • My convertible top has been split or has a crack. Can I fix this?

    If the defect is accessible from below, a piece of fabric can be glued to prevent water from penetrating. Often, however, the affected areas are difficult to reach from the inside, or a headliner prevents this.
    Sticking a piece of fabric from outside makes no sense because the adhesive is constantly exposed to water and environmental influences and would dissolve quickly.
    In addition, a repair is always clearly visible and not as often described invisible.

  • I need a new convertible top but cannot find the model on your website. Do you offer additional convertible tops?

    You can always request models from us (by phone, by e-mail, by Facebook or by WhatsApp). Currently, we offer a lot more hoods than on our website. On the website are only the most popular models listed.

  • I'm not sure which fabric fits my convertible. Can you help me?

    Approx. 80-90% of the roofs sold are black and for most vehicles this is also the best color. However, if you are interested in any color, we can send you a free sample by letter, so that you can check in advance whether the color really fits your car.

  • Why are not all colors available for all covers?

    We mainly use three types of Sonnenland cloth: Sonnenland Classic, Sonnenland Plus and Sonnenland A5. All three fabrics have different stretching properties and strengths, which is why not every material can be easily mounted on any frames.
    In general, however, we can supply convertible tops in many types of fabric which are not intended for the vehicle model. Just contact us and we will be pleased to advise you if a fitting makes sense. Ultimately we would like to satisfy you as a customer.

  • Do I need to impregnate my soft top?

    Actually, this is not necessary. Sonnenland cloth is a special 3-layer material, which is provided with a rubber layer in the middle, which prevents the penetration of water.

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