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New Beetle convertible hood

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Looking for a New Beetle convertible hood? You have come to the right place at EUROTOP!

As one of the largest convertible-roof manufacturers in Europe, we also offer the New Beetle convertible roof.

If you have any questions about this convertible hoodmodel, please feel free to contact us at any time—by email, phone, WhatsApp, web chat or via the contact form.

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Features of the New Beetle convertible hood

The VW New Beetle convertible hood is similar to the original from VW made of Sonnenland fabric in the "A5" version.

  1. Sonnenland fabric
  2. Problem with the convertible roof rear window—we have the solution
  3. Details of the New Beetle convertible hood
  4. Headliner of the VW New Beetle convertible roof
  5. Installation of the VW New Beetle convertible roof

Sonnenland fabric

Sonnenland A5 is a fully synthetic roof material specially developed for convertibles.

In our opinion, Sonnenland fabric is the highest quality convertible hood material on the market.

No water can penetrate through the middle rubber layer of the three-layer material and waterproofing is not necessary. However, if the Beetle convertible is often outside, waterproofing makes sense.

We offer the convertible roof in black, blue, brown, graffiti gray, cream (original beige shade from VW), black-green, indigo and red.

If you have other color requests or sample requests for the Beetle convertible hood, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We will be happy to send you free material samples.

Problem with the convertible hood rear window—we have the solution 

Almost every day, we receive inquiries from customers where the window of the New Beetle convertible is coming loose.

Unfortunately, this problem occurs not only with Volkswagen convertibles, but also with models from Audi and BMW.

Unfortunately, there is no repair option for the rear window that provides reliable and long-term solution for the VW Beetle.

We have tried many different adhesives and sealants on this convertible hood for years, but with no lasting success. Attempts to repair the Beetle often only last a few weeks. Most suppliers give no guarantee of this work either.

Our convertible hood for the Beetle convertible are fitted with a frame around the window.

This frame is not visible from the outside and prevents the window from being detached from the convertible hood. The window is a part of the convertible hood and is included in the price.

Details of the New Beetle convertible hood

The convertible hood is available in two versions.

It can be opened manually or electronically and fits any vehicle built between 2003 and 2011.

All plastic profiles and strips are available as with the original spare part from VW. This guarantees a simplified and faster installation. 

No additional sewing work is necessary during installation. The convertible hood is 100% waterproof.

Improved pulling points around the hood rear window ensure that they cannot come loose.

Headliner of the VW New Beetle convertible hood

The roof of the Volkswagen Beetle consists of two layers: Outer skin (roof) and inner lining.

The headliner is the part you see from below when you are in the car.

As a rule, however, the headliner does not have to be replaced and has a merely visual function. We only recommend changing the Volkswagen headliner if it is really defective, torn or heavily soiled.

Installation of the VW New Beetle convertible roof

In our in-house trim shop, we also install the Beetle convertible soft top for you.

If we aren't able to book an appointment for you or if our trim shop is too far for you, we would be happy to mediate.

Thanks to our global network and trim-shop customers in Europe and beyond, we can recommend an installation company that can install your new VW convertible roof.

Any questions about this product?

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