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Carpet Set Boot Front for Mercedes 280SL-500SL type R107 Cabriolet year 71-89

  • ✓ Made in Germany
  • ✓ Perfect fit
  • ✓ Backing designed to reduce noise

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Teppich R107 Notsitz

  • <ul> <li>✓ Made in Germany</li> <li>✓ Perfect fit</li> <li>✓ Backing designed to reduce noise</li> </ul>
Product details Model, Material & Workmanship
Carpet set boot front for Mercedes 280SL-500SL type R107 Cabriolet suitable for model years 1971-1989
Fine velours carpet: This is a very densely woven, exclusive carpet with a backing designed to reduce noise. Thanks to their backing, our carpets can be fitted directly and without any additional work. Carpets without backing, such as the Porsche velour carpets, will mould to every uneven area and tend to slide much the same way a fabric would. This is why they have to be retrospectively reinforced if used as floor mats.
All parts included:
This carpet set is a complete set. It includes all parts and contains 6-7 individual sections for a single vehicle (depending on the model). All of the open sides of our carpets are hemmed and the driver-side floor mat features a sewn-on reinforcement. All of the materials used meet the highest quality standards.
No sewing needed:
The border of the carpets is professionally processed to the highest quality standard. At the carpet set no additional sewing is required.
Free samples:
We would be very happy to provide you with free samples of our hood materials.

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