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Main bow for VW Beetle 1500, 1302, 1303 Cabriolet year 64-79

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  • 4VWKAE9001-HS-64-71
  • <ul> <li>✓ Made in Germany</li> <li>✓ Top quality</li> <li>✓ Laminated</li> </ul>
Product details Model, Material & Workmanship
Main bow VW Beetle 1500, 1302, 1303 Cabrio suitable for model years 1963-1979.
Product information:
The solid wood main bow (laminated) is fastened to the rear bow (metal holder) above the rear window. This wood bow is the bow to which the headliner and hood are attached to. Whether or not the current bow has to be replaced can be determined by means of two elements in particular. The first is that the bow should always be visibly under a certain amount of tension towards the rear when looking at the vehicle from the side. If the bow is already slightly bent towards the front, there is a risk that the wood will break if it is used again. The second element is that the hood is tacked to the wood with staples. If the old bow has already been perforated by the old staples or is in poor condition, the new staples will not reliably stay attached to the wood.
As one of the largest suppliers of convertible hoods in Europe, we also guarantee a perfect fit and high-quality workmanship for our accessories.
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