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Hood Cover Porsche 911 G Model Cabriolet year 83-85

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  • <ul> <li>✓ Perfect fit</li> <li>✓ Hood cover made in Germany</li> <li>✓ Factory exact, same design as the original</li> </ul>
Product details Model, Material & Workmanship
Hood cover Porsche 911 G Model Cabrio suitable for model years 1983-1985
Product information:
Hood cover for covering and protecting the hood when open. The cover has two functions: - The hood cover protects the hood and exposed areas of headliner from dust and UV radiation (fading) while driving. - The hood cover prevents open hood parts from being blown about by the wind or becoming inflated and blocking the view to the rear.
Sonnenland® canvas
Free samples:
Please contact us for a free hood material sample.
What’s included:
Hood cover made of Sonnenland® canvas with separate Tenax and durable DOT fasteners. The fasteners have to be attached after fitting the cover to make sure that it fits properly.
As one of the largest suppliers of convertible hoods, headliners and hood covers in Europe, we guarantee a perfect fit and high-quality workmanship.
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