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Tensioning straps for Maserati 4200 / GranSport Spyder Cabriolet year 01-07

Tensioning straps for Maserati 4200 / GranSport Spyder Cabriolet year 01-07

  • ✓ Made in Germany
  • ✓ A hood that’s easy to open and close
  • ✓ Top quality

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  • 1MA420002-PVC-01-02
  • <ul><li>✓ Made in Germany</li><li>✓ A hood that’s easy to open and close</li><li>✓ Top quality</li></ul>
Product details Model, Material & Workmanship
Tensioning straps Maserati 4200 / GranSport Cabrio suitable for model years 2001-2002.
Product information:
Properly working tensioning straps prevent the hood from becoming trapped in the hood frame when it is being opened. If the existing straps are broken and not replaced, the new hood will quickly become broken. That notwithstanding, new tensioning straps will also ensure that the hood frame folds neatly into and out of the hood compartment when opening and closing the hood. When replacing a hood, the straps are normally replaced as well because doing so later would require dismantling nearly the entire hood again.
Strap material and elastic straps
All versions available:
The hood, headliner and tensioning straps for the 2001-2002 models were supplied as two different versions. The first version (built 2001-2002) has plastic piping on the hood all around the window and the second version from 2002 does not have any plastic piping. It is also possible to identify the version by measuring the window.
What’s included:
Ready-to-fit tensioning straps
As one of the largest suppliers of convertible hoods in Europe, we also guarantee a perfect fit and high-quality workmanship for our accessories.
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